Friday, November 30, 2012

Pregnancy Log: 32 weeks

How far along?  32 weeks
Total weight gain/loss? +18 pounds
Maternity clothes?  Are so comfortable. My mom found another pair of maternity jeans for me for $5 at Old Navy two weeks ago, hooray. I can also wear one of my favorite maternity shirts that is strictly a third trimester shirt because it's so long. When I'm not pregnant, the shirt reaches to my knees. 

Stretch marks? No, hooray. 
Sleep? No matter how much sleep I get, I'm still tired. I'm starting to have a harder time rolling over and falling back to sleep when I wake up to use the bathroom. 
Best moment last week? Lila's personality is starting to show. If I put pressure anywhere on my belly, she kicks at that spot like crazy until I remove the pressure. I also enjoy watching my belly bump in and out when she moves around. 

Movement?  Lila moves so much at bedtime that I have a hard time going to sleep, seriously. She also wakes up and moves like crazy when I get up in the night to use the bathroom. Lately her movements have been more pushes/ body movements rather than kicks--I think she's running out of room. 

Food cravings?  I ate cheddar and sour cream ruffles chips last week and remembered just how amazing they are. When I was pregnant with Reed, those chips were one of the few things that ever sounded good during the first trimester. Apparently they're my ultimate pregnant desire. 

Sickness? Ever since I threw up my prenatal vitamin, it makes me sick. Other than that, I have no sickness issues. 
Food aversions? Nope

Gender? Girl!

Labor signs? None, thank goodness. I do have a ton of Braxton-Hicks contractions, which is a new experience for me. When I was pregnant with Reed, I never had BH contractions. When I was pregnant with Asher, I only had BH contractions during the last few weeks of my pregnancy. This pregnancy, I've had BH contractions since about 5 months. I get the contractions whenever I bend over or clean, and sometimes when I exercise. 
Belly button in/out? In.

What I miss: I miss my back not hurting. Whenever I do something to make my back sore, I deal with the repercussions for a week before my back feels normal (ish) again. No matter how much I stretch, heat, or have Ryan run my back, I just hurt. 

What I am looking forward to: Meeting this little girl! I'm also excited to dress her--she's going to be spoiled.
Milestones: I now go to my midwife every two weeks instead of every four. I love the two week then the one week appointments because somehow their frequency makes pregnancy go a little faster.

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

The Monthly Asher: 25

Asher is funny. Really, he cracks us up all the time. His current go-to joke is adding "bum bum" to basically any phrase. He finds it to be hilarious and cracks up every time he says it. A few examples:
Ryan, upon arriving home from work: Hi, Asher
Asher (age 2): Hi, Bum Bum!

Me: Asher, will you sing "Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star" for Grandma?
Asher: Twinkle, twinkle, little BUM BUM! How I wonder what you BUM BUM!

Asher likes to count. I knew he could count to approximately seven, but last week he started counting for my mom--and made it all the way to 17! No joke. He starts counting any time I count. For example, if I'm counting to three for Reed (as in "I'm going to count to three and if you haven't _______, then ________") and only get to two before Reed complies with my "request," Asher keeps going until he feels he's counted sufficiently high. His cute little voice counting, "three, pour, pive..." makes it extremely hard to keep a straight face in the midst of disciplining.

I've probably mentioned this before, but Asher calls giraffes "Quack Quacks." I'm not really sure why he started calling giraffes quack quacks, but he's always done it--I don't think he's ever called a giraffe a giraffe. Anyway, we happen to have four stuffed giraffes (weird coincidence, I know, especially since we don't have an exceedingly large amount of stuffed animals), which pretty much makes Asher's life bliss since quack quacks are his favorite animals. He sleeps with all four: yellow quack quack, a green giraffe, go figure; other quack quack, a normal colored giraffe he received for his first birthday that may or may not have started his love for quack quacks; baby quack quack a tiny giraffe we originally bought for Reed before he was born; and other baby quack quack, a beanie baby that I'm pretty sure Asher stole from my mom's house. He also sleeps with bee-ball, the tag blanket I made for Reed that Reed never cared about, but Asher loves; blue softie, a faux-silk backed blanket; his Halloween pillow from Grandma, and his bee pillow pet. Yes, his bed is ridiculously full. At bed time he tells me, "I have LOTS of stuff!" When we go to check on him at night, we're never sure who or what he'll still have--except bee ball. He always has bee ball. Often when we get him in the morning, he says, "I made a BIG pile!" and, sure enough, he has--all his sleeping companions are piled on one end of the bed.

Reed loves the show Octonauts. Consequently, Asher loves the show Octonauts. On the show, the Octonauts almost always have a mission. Throughout the day, Asher often tells Reed and I, "We have a mission!" Then he marches off to play somewhere, expectins us to follow him. Mission currently translates to "Hey, come play with me!"

Ashie Bee has done so well at potty training--we're so proud of him. After just a week and a half he started getting mad at us when we'd put a diaper on at nap time or bed time, so we stopped. I was a little nervous, but he has not yet wet the bed (in a full month)! He even wakes us up at night if he has to go potty. He tells us every time he needs to go--I'll occasionally ask him if he needs to go, just to be sure he's thinking about it, but usually he doesn't need to when I ask. He made the entire drive to California without an accident. And while at a new nursery last Sunday, he told the nursery leaders whom he didn't know that he had to go potty! I'm so impressed by him and so happy that I have a few diaper-free months and won't have to deal with having two kids in diapers when Lila is born.

Asher loves having his name on every paper he colors on. Every week after nursery, he is extremely proud to show us his picture. He marches into primary, holds up the picture, and says, "Look what my colored!" When we look at it, the first thing he points out is, "They color my name!" Whenever we color together, he asks me to color his name--over and over again. I usually say the letters as I write them. Now, he can almost spell his name; he'll tell me to write, "A...S....H....R....R!" And he recognizes his name when it's written.

Asher is so timid around strangers. The other day at the park he didn't want to climb up the stairs because, as he said, "There's lots of kids!" Luckily, though, he's warmed up relatively quickly to Ryan's family in California. Today when he woke up and his cousins weren't here, he kept asking, "Where's the kids? Where's the kids?" (Any group of children is referred to as "the kids"). Later, we met up with cousins to play at the park, then for an outing to McDonald's, and finally to one of the girls' volleyball games. Each time we got in the car, he told me, "We had so much fun!" I asked him if he likes the girls (his cousins) and he told me, "Yeah, they're so cute."

Asher is so independent, especially when it comes to stairs. He absolutely refuses to hold hands with us when going up or down and gets extremely offended if we try to help him or to carry him when we're in a hurry and want to speed the process a little. Occassionally, if the stairs are steep, he'll reach out and balance against our leg when he's stepping down--but again, if we reach for his hand he tells us "NO!" and gets annoyed with us. Luckily, he's become quite proficient at stairs.

Asher finally likes nursery and will go in without crying! He's even stopped crying when someone opens the door. Yesterday, we went to Ryan's parents' ward. I was a little nervous about Asher in nursery, since he didn't know the leaders and wasn't used to the building. But he didn't cry at all! Hooray!

When Asher was little he had no fear at the park. By his first birthday he was climbing ladders and sliding down tall slides all by himself. This summer, he relapsed and refused to go on any slide by himself (even tiny ones) and ladders were completely out of the question. In the last month, though, he's decided that he once again loves slides. He rides all slides--even tall ones--by himself, over and over and over again. He'll climb small ladders, but the tall ladders are still out of the question.''

Asher loved Halloween SO much. He reminds me daily that on Halloween we go trick-or-treating. And I think he's a little disappointed any time we knock on the door an he doesn't get candy when the door is opened.

Asher is so thoughtful and really loves his brother. Any time I give Asher anything, he asks, "One Bubba?" (Will you give me one for brother?) and actually takes whatever I give him to Reed. Even with items I always give to Reed--such as their daily vitamin--he asks, "One Bubba?" He's so concerned that I'll forget Reed, which I find to be incredibly sweet.

Asher really likes to sing. He can sing all the words to "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star" by himself, and it's generally his song of choice. He can also sing "In the Leafy Treetops." And he can sing most of the words to a lot of songs, including "Nephi's Courage," "Choose the Right," "My Heavenly Father Loves Me," "I Love to See the Temple," and "I Like to Look for Rainbows" (I'm not sure what that song is really called!) He has the cutest little voice that is even cuter when singing. Seriously.

Friday, November 16, 2012


This summer, we scored a great deal on admittance to Cosmo's Kid Club for Reed. Honestly, the reasons were mostly selfish, because the club came with four vouchers for football tickets that could be used by anyone, regardless of age. We did let Reed keep the giant Cosmo shirt that came with the tickets--he wears it to bed. Anyway, a few months ago (I've been a blog slacker. It's true.) we decided to use our tickets to attend the BYU-Oregon State game. First, though, we spent time with our favorite Provonian...

Kayla! I'm not sure why the only picture I took of Kayla happened to be an extreme distance shot. Oh well. We took Kayla to our favorite Provo hangout, Squaw Peak. Seriously. Squaw Peak might be a prime makeout location at night, but is beautiful during the day. We happened to be in Provo at basically the perfect time to view the fall colors that Southern Utah lacks.

The boys mostly viewed the colors through their "spyglasses." Reed thinks he is a spy--probably because he is so stealthy (ha).

We spent an enjoyable afternoon at the game--thanks again for the weather, Provo--though Asher's face might prove otherwise. The day was somewhat momentous: it was both boys' first BYU game. Asher spent most of the game on Kayla's lap or cuddled up next to her. He has such a huge crush on Kayla. We bought Reed a "game day" shirt, which is his new favorite. And we got to watch a decently exciting game--until the last quarter. We would have enjoyed watching the Cougars win, but we had fun anyway!

We had a great weekend and are so glad we got to see Kayla, who the boys miss like crazy and ask about constantly. Now we get to look forward to using the basketball vouchers that came in the Kid's Club pack...

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Everything Halloween

Our Halloween kick-off (for Reed at least) was a Halloween Dinner Party Reed got invited to. He was so excited and carried around the invitation for days. The party didn't disappoint, either. Thankfully, I finished his costume just in town--literally. I finished the ears as we pulled up to the party.

Reed's friend Tylee was the host. Her mom made the cutest dinner--spaghetti with meatball eyes, bone breadsticks, witches' brew, and syringes full of red jello blood.

Reed's favorite game was getting wrapped up like a mummy. He has been talking about it ever since the party and we've even done it a few times at home.

While Reed was at his party, Ryan and I took Asher out to dinner and let him choose a pumpkin at the store. Post-party, Reed choose his pumpkin--two days later, his pumpkin had worms crawling out of it. Gross! Thankfully, pumpkins are pretty easy to come by this time of year.

A few days later, we went to the Halloween Carnival in town. The carnival was surprisingly awesome--seriously, way better than I expected. Aunt Kay Kay and Uncle Kenny happened to be in town, so they joined us along with Aunt Mando, Grandma, and Grandpa.

(Kind of bright!)

The boys loved the carnival, especially the treats they got. They were also quite impressed by the maze in the basement of library. I think we did it three times in a row.

On Sunday morning we cleaned the pumpkins out. Well, I cleaned the pumpkins out while the boys giggle about how gross the seeds and slime felt and generally refused to touch them.

Then the boys dictated their pumpkin faces to Ryan, who cut the magnificent carvings you see below.

(notice Reed's camera? He's obsessed with taking pictures)

Sadly, we had to skip our ward's trunk or treat because we were busy taking turns having the stomach flu--Ryan was sick Sunday-Tuesday, Reed Monday-Wednesday morning, Asher Monday-Wednesday morning, and me post-trick or treating-Saturday. Super fun times.

Anyway, finally it was Halloween and we all felt mostly good. Ryan wanted to wear a costume to work mainly so he could wear sweats, I think. We came up with static cling--always a winner. Yes, those are Asher's undies pinned to Ryan.

The boys and I went to the spooky story time at the library, then spent some time wrestling at home.

Lila and I dressed up, too. 

By the time it was getting dark, the boys were beyond ready to trick or treat. Grandma and Grandpa joined us for a quick dinner of pizza...

...then we hit the road.

Reed is already a trick or treating pro. And Asher caught on quite quickly. At each house he'd say, "Trick or treat! Happy Hall-ween!" Then, as we walked away after they gave us candy, he'd say, "That was SO nice!"

And that was our Halloween!

Thursday, November 1, 2012


We almost didn't make it to Staheli Family Farm this year--but I'm certainly glad we did. Staheli is basically the coolest thing to do in the fall in Southern Utah. Reed is already asking when we can go back, and I've had the misfortune several times of explaining to him that Staheli is only open once a year.

Anyway, our trip started with the mini maze, which is made out of an old basketball court. Fantastic upcycling, Staheli family. The boys thought it was quite exciting and were pumped that they could see me and Grandma waiting for them outside.

Next we decided to do the water pumps. When I told Reed about Staheli Farm, the water pumps were the only thing he remembered doing last year--and for good reason. The water pumps are kind of addicting--you pump water to push your duck along the track in an effort to surpass your competition's duck.

Ashie also found the water pumps to be quite entertaining.

Reed was intrigued when he saw a pit of dried corn next to the water pumps, and even more excited when he realized you could slide through the giant tubes...

 ...and into the corn. I discovered that corn, like water pumps, is strangely addicting and fun to dig in.

Ashie went down the slide by himself, then convinced Grandma to go with him. She's such a good sport.

And I think they both enjoyed themselves immensely.

Next up: Tire horse ride.

Verdict: awesome. The boys kept yelling, "Faster!!!!"

Reed decided to try the "Redneck Trampoline" but found the rope a little difficult to hang on to. Maybe next year, Buddy.

And Asher was simultaneously in love and disgust with this goat. He'd try to touch it, but then it would come near him and he'd cling to Grandma.

Reed was brave enough to let go of Ryan's hand for a minute and pet the sheep on his own.

And then, of course, we had to jump on the blob.

Once again, Grandma Good Sport joined in with the boys when their pregnant Mom and ailing back Dad opted out. The blob, by the way, is ultra cool and ridiculously fun.

We ended with a tractor ride and the kids' corn maze, which told the story of Spookley the Square Pumpkin if you followed the clues.

And, of course, a hay ride to and from the maze.

And then our day really ended with a twenty minute wait to leave due to some lame-o who decided to create a third consecutive row of parked cars and blocked our car in. Seriously. All in all, though, a fantastic night.