Monday, January 14, 2013

Ashie Bee's Big Boy Bed

I went in to Asher's room the other day (12/30/12) to get him out of his crib post-nap and was surprised to find him on top of the crib rails, balancing himself diagonally across the top of the crib. Neither of the boys has ever tried to climb out of the crib before, so seeing Asher perched on top of the crib came as quite a shock. We had originally planned on keeping him in a crib until we move to Vegas, but decided safety was a little more important: the crib had to go. Luckily, my mom's crib converts quite easily into a toddler bed, so Ryan was able to quickly remove the side in preparation for that night.

Do you love their outfits, by the way? They chose their own chillers. Asher thinks red and red match.

Asher was quite pumped to see the side come off his bed. He kept saying, "Daddy make me big boy bed like Bubba!" He loves, loves, loves to be like Bubba. After Ryan got the side off the crib, Asher and Reed climbed in and out of the bed approximately 1,000 times in five minutes. Par-tay. Then they brought my mom, dad, and sisters in to show off the bed.

I just love that happy smile.

Asher is doing surprisingly well in his big boy bed. I really expected him to climb out and play, especially during nap time--he's not really one for following rules--but he actually stays in and falls asleep. Sadly, the "force field" that kept Reed in his bed until we told him he could get out (seriously, that worked for almost a year) isn't in effect for Asher. When I go in to his room post-bed or -nap (Asher can't open the door by himself), he's usually standing right next to his bed. He is often touching his bed, like he doesn't want us to think he was playing, which is kind of funny. But at least he stays in the bed to sleep!

Doing tricks. Sorry for the blur, that's what happens when you try to take an action shot on an iphone.

We've only had a few small issues. At nap time one day, I heard Asher start playing with probably the loudest toy my mom owns and went in to tell him to stay in his bed. He was quite upset. Ironically, if he had chosen a quiet toy to play with, I likely wouldn't have known he was even out of bed. There was also one falling out of bed circumstance, as well as one occasion when I heard him crying and went upstairs to find him under the bed (it's not very high off the ground, so I was kind of impressed to find him underneath the bed in the middle of the night).

Reed wanted to take pictures of Ashie, too. Here he's showing them off.

Ashie does love his bed, but does not love me taking videos of him if he's not in the mood.

Three cheers for big boys beds! (P.S. Seeing Asher in his big bed reminded me so much of little Reed in his big boys are growing up [sniffle])

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