Thursday, February 14, 2013

Snapshots of January

I love my iPhone, but its picture taking abilities are  a blessing and a curse. Blessing: I always have my phone handy, so I'm always ready to capture every. single. moment. Curse: I don't pull out my nice camera because my phone is so much more convenient. Anyway, here is a snapshot of our January, according to my phone. (The pictures are in reverse order, from the end of the month to the beginning.)

We moved! We're living in a huge mess but we have a lot of room to play, at least. (And we have THREE kids. How crazy is that?)

Lila's Aunt Jenn sent this beautiful blanket. And Lila actually fell asleep by herself in the swing! (Usually she has to be coaxed into sleep.)

All bundled up to go outside. 

Ashie Bee asked if he could hold Lila and told me, "I'm not nervous anymore!" Now he asks to hold her all the time.

Ryan is officially into busy season. Luckily, he still gets home in time to read the boys a few books before tucking them into bed. 

This shirt is actually a hand me down fro the boys, but I love it and I think that with a bow, Little Miss pulls it off.

It's me! I'm excited about life because my clothes FIT--a strange phenomena that has not ever happened before. With the boys it was months (with Reed over a year) before I could wear my pants again! Granted, my "skinny" clothes don't fit, but we'll get there. I'm only 1 pound over my prepregnancy weight! 

We've been taking walks around the neighborhood to get out of the house. The boys love exploring our new surroundings.

A fun new activity with the boys: bath time for Lila. They love to help.

She's just cute.

The boys love to give Lila their favorite stuff, not including bee ball (the blanket) and Curious.

The boys think it's soooooo funny that Lila's tongue is white after she eats. At Lila's two-week check-up  they got coupons for a free hamburger at Arctic Circle. Of course we finished off dinner with dessert, and they made their tongues white, just like Lila's.

Reed's white tongue.

Daddy spending time with Lila when he was home for the weekend (pre-move).

Her cord fell off really quickly, which made me happy! No more sponge baths for miss!

Reed can generally be found holding Lila.

Before Lila was born, Reed wanted me to make him a hat--then I surprised him with a matching hat for Curious. (Reed chose the yarn colors!)

A late night text before Lila was born--Ryan and I were made for each other.

The shopping cart only had one driver wheel, so the boys shared! (Well, for a few minutes)

Reeder drew this picture of himself and Daddy (it's sideways) to text to Daddy in Vegas.


kayla said...

I love this. I miss your family too much!

Mandi Rolfe said...

Love all the fun lil pics :)