Saturday, February 23, 2013

The Monthly Asher: 28

Asher was very nervous of Lila and essentially ignored her for her first week of life. But now he loves her. Every time Lila cries, Asher says, "It's okay baby girlfriend! We don't want to be sad!" He asks to hold her at least once a day, and several times a day tries to hold her hand. I sometimes call Lila "dolly," and he's decided he loves that name for her. He often tells me, "Let's call her dolly, Mommy."

Being sweet to baby sister.

Asher is starting to enter the "terrible" phase of being two. He's a really good boy most of the time, but he's started to throw tantrums. He has a hard time sharing. When Reed is playing with a toy and Asher decides he wants the toy (which happens many times during the day), Asher will grab the toy or tackle Reed, then grab the toy. If Asher doesn't get the toy, he cries. He ends up having time outs several times throughout the day--hopefully we'll pass through this stage quickly!

Why is this picture sideways?  No one knows but blogger. Anyway, Ashie Bee is so happy because he's playing a game on Mommy's phone.

Asher is still doing great at using the potty and telling us when he has to go. He recently learned to go potty standing up--but he's so short he has to stand on a stool. He calls this method "tricky style." If I'm feeding Lila, Reed accompanies Asher to the bathroom and Asher usually requests to do "double stream."

I know I already posted the Valentine pictures, but I just love Ashie's face in this one.

Asher refers to himself pretty much exclusively as "Ashie Bee." If you ask him what Reed's name is, he'll tell you, "Bubba." And if you ask if Reed is named "Reed," he'll tell you "nope" and kind of laugh at you.

Showing off his tape measure.

Whenever we clean up toys, Asher tells himself, "Good job!" after every single toy he picks up. It's really, really cute.


Ashie loves to be part of the decision when we're choosing what to have for lunch, a snack, or any meal. His suggestions usually include cereal, a gogurt, string cheese, a peanut butter sam (sam=sandwich), or macaroni. And he's very passionate about them. He'll say, "How bout MACARONI!!!!!!!" with all the zest his little body can muster. Oh, and something I think is cute? He calls "Marshmallow Mateys" the "Jake kind"--it took me forever to understand why, but then I realized that Jake is a pirate (Jake and the Neverland Pirates TV show) and pirates=mateys. Love his little mind.

Asher loves to read books. Several times a day he comes to me and asks, "Tan you, tan you read a book to me?" (tan=can. And for whatever reasons, he always says "tan you" twice in a row.) How can I resist that? We read a lot of books. And generally, as soon as we finish a book, he wants to read the same one again. And again. And again.

My mom was cutting the boys' hair and Asher didn't want his done. My mom told him he'd be handsome and he said, " I'm already handsome!"

 Pre-haircut. He's so, so goofy.

Lila squawked one morning and Asher yelled, "She said neigh!!"

He loves his sister.

I told Asher he was a good boy one day and he said, "Mommy, you a good mommy!"

The cup he's clutching sings "Hit the Road Jack." The boys discovered that song one day and thought it was hilarious because my dad is named Jack. They went around singing it for a few days, then my dad showed Asher this cup. He carried it around every day until we moved. We all got a little tired of the song :)


Nicolas said...

he is such a cute, funny boy. I wish we could see him (all of you) more often!

Mandi Rolfe said...

I love that kid so much!!! He is so cute and so funny! I seriously have a comment for everythign you said because he's so adorable. So instead of writing a book I'll just say I LOVE HIM!!!