Thursday, February 7, 2013

The monthly Reed: 50

Reed loves to make up words. He is constantly asking me, "Hey mom, where's the ________?" The ________ is some crazy word I've never heard. And if I tell him I don't know what it means, he acts like I'm the crazy one.

Reed also likes to make up games. His current favorite is "our doodly acha guys" in which we are all spies. He also likes to play school, where he is the teacher and makes frequent announcements to his class.

Reed is so sweet with Lila. He loves to hold her--in small doses. His arm gets tired pretty quickly. He talks to her all the time, usually some variation of "Hey Lila girl, do you want to look at your brother? Where's your smiles?"

Reed loves to make little books or to draw on a sheet of paper, then to fold it up really small. The paper or book then becomes a map or a "remanual" (manual), which he uses to guide him throughout the day.

If I ask Reed to help with something and he doesn't want to, his standard response is, "I just have too much work to do."

Reed still loves to read. His current favorite books are Arthur books. He will "read" books to Asher if I'm busy, which is really cute

Reed told me that there's a spy hospital where they don't make you better, they hurt you. But it's only for bad guys.

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Nicolas said...

I love how creative Reed is. Such a smartie too.