Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Pinterest Challenge Week 4: Chicken Asparagus Penne & Yearly Calendar

Believe it or not, I completed two pins this week. I know, right? Doing the recipe only kind of felt like a cop out, because I actually try new recipes quite frequently.

Recipe here
I really liked how this pasta turned out. Reheating it did make the pasta dry, though, so I'd make a little less next time so I didn't have many leftovers. I used fresh asparagus (the recipe used frozen) that I chopped into bite-sized pieces, then microwaved it for a few minutes to soften it (basically a lazy way to steam it). I also never dice my chicken before sautéing it--that's just asking for the chicken to come out dry. Rather, I pound the chicken flat, sauté it, then dice it. All in all, this recipe is a keeper.

Original Pin here
I was perusing my boards and came across this calendar that I pinned ages ago. I finally decided to try it. I bought notecards at Walmart. I decided to go with the notecards that come spiral bound in packs of fifty--that way I won't lose any cards. I'm also hoping the spiral bound packs will add to the ease of use--we will see. I'm excited to use it and hope I actually do for a few years at least!


lynniegandola2 said...

a. I'm impressed. way to go
b. I LOVE this calendar idea and have already added to 'notecards' to my grocery list

Mandi Rolfe said...

First, I'm totally impressed that you did two pins this week. Second, I pinned this ages ago too. I should try it! I can't even remember what you do with it lol...it's been that long!

Mandi Rolfe said...

Oh I forgot to say. That picture looks absolutely divine! Yum!