Wednesday, March 6, 2013

In February...

(According to Instagram)

Little miss doesn't do a lot of big smiles, but we do get a lot of this little contented face.

We made some crazy good pizza dough from Our Best Bites and used it for taco pizza (via Newly Woodwards). The dough was so good we decided to use the same recipe for bread sticks a few days later.

We love this little lady!

Our library has a program called 1,000 Books Before Kindergarten. We finished our first 100 books in only 10 days! We got to get our first prize--a library card holder--and our next sheet to fill in our next 100 books.

The boys LOVE to hold hands with Lila and do so at every opportunity.

I emptied these bins while unpacking and the boys spent a lovely afternoon playing with them. Asher kept saying, "Where's Ashie?" then popping out.

We went exploring on a whim in the redrocks one Sunday afternoon. Well, I fed Lila in the car while Ryan and the boys went exploring. Soon she will be big enough to join the fun!

We did some cleaning in our underwear!

Lila took a lot of naps.

The boys love to read books and Reed will often read to Ashie--cutest thing ever.

I love baby toes!

You can tell when I need to do laundry, because Lila ends up in boy jammies :)

And that was our February!

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Mandi Rolfe said...

Love this post! Sounds like a fun month. :)