Monday, March 11, 2013

Pinterest Challenge

Sometimes I need a project. Being a mom of three has increased that need, I think--I need time to do something I want to do during the day. I also find that unless I have some kind of goal or deadline--accountability of sorts--I don't actually finish projects. I start them, yes, but I don't finish them. Another problem? I pin and pin and pin on Pinterest, but I don't ever actually do the things I pin. Enter the Pinterest Challenge.

I've seen a few Pinterest Challenges floating around the interwebs over the past few weeks. First I found a month-long, daily Pinterest Challenge here and here. I knew that wasn't feasible for me with a new baby; I don't want to set myself up for failure. Then I saw a one-and-done Pinterest Challenge here. But I saw the challenge the day before the deadline and I wanted to do more than just one project. So I came up with my own plan: a weekly challenge. My goal is to complete one pin each week, be it a new recipe, a kid's craft, a DIY project for myself--whatever I feel the urge to do that week. And I'll report the pin here, on the blog. I've started a Pinterest Challenge Board with projects I know I have the materials on hand for, in case I happen to run short on time or inspiration during the week.

Guess what? I already did week one! Project: Muffin Tin Crayons via Our Best Bites. (By the way, I am loving all things Our Best Bites lately. Best recipes ever and projects to boot? Yes, please.)

Basically, we turned our old broken crayons that we've been collecting for quite a long time--as in pre-move long time--into new, awesome crayons. First we peeled the paper off, which took forever. I must admit, I didn't read the directions carefully and missed the part that gave a helpful tip: soaking the crayons in hot water for a few minutes makes the peel slip right off. Next time.

Then we put the crayons in muffin tins, melted them in the oven, and voilĂ ! Muffin tin crayons. The boys think the crayons are the coolest thing, ever, and I'm not going to lie, I think they're pretty cool, too.

Bam! Pinterest Challenge Week One: Check.


Nicolas said...

I love your pinterest challenge and am going to try and motivate myself to do the same. Good luck! And hooray for already completing week one! Funny timing - I saw that idea online yesterday and was going to do it this week too for one of Cole's letter R activities (Rainbow crayons). I'm glad to know that they're a hit with your boys, since Cole seems to love everything they love.

kayla said...

I love this! I can't wait to see your projects and to do some together when I get home!

Mandi Rolfe said...

I love this!!! That is super smart. I've been trying to challenge myself lately and have made quite a few projects. But I think once a week is a super smart idea!! Thanks for the inspiration. :) And I'm in so in LOVE with the crayons!!! I just might make some for my classroom. :)