Tuesday, April 2, 2013

All things Easter

Don't mind Lila's deep sway. She generally does a little better in the Bumbo but was quite tired. Don't worry, though, I rescued her as soon as we got a picture.

Last year, we declared our Easter egg dyeing experience a debacle--and rightly so. This year, with another year under the boys' belts and a nifty trick from Pinterest, our egg dyeing experience was nothing short of fantastic.

What was our trick? It sure had Asher excited...

Ta-da! Whisks. From Dollar Tree. Best $2 I ever spent, no joke.

The whisks were easy for the boys to handle and negated the fishing in the bowl with the awkwardly shaped egg dipper process. Ryan and I actually liked using the whisks better than any other method. We are so doing this every year.

The next morning, the boys awoke and excitedly ran into our room to tell us two things. Reed: "MOM, Asher already picked up one of the eggs!" Asher: "CANDY!"

The Easter Bunny happened to still be at our house, hiding eggs downstairs. So the boys hung out with me while I finished feeding Lila, then we traipsed down the stairs.

Reed touched something in his basket every time he passed by--I found that to be pretty cute.

The boys--wearing matching nightshirts, so classy--were egg-cellent (ha) egg hunters this year and only needed minimal help.

Ryan was faked out by a maraca. Lila didn't really care.

The bunny was quite clever this year, but after a fun hunt we finally had all the eggs. We let the boys empty the candy, then pointed out that six of the eggs had numbers on them. What? We opened them in order and told the story of the Resurrection. (Side note: if you have little ones and want to do Resurrection Eggs, use this version. It's for preschoolers so it's short and simple and, for my kids at least, enjoyable.) Ryan and I both had a very validating "hey maybe we're doing okay at this whole parenting thing after all" when Reed knew the answer to every question about the Resurrection we asked him.

We proceeded to baskets. The boys both got "Happy Nappers" which ended up being the star gift of the day. They have been carrying them everywhere, non-stop.

Miss Lila got two cute little toys which she didn't really care about (surprisingly enough).

The boys were pretty excited about everything they found in their baskets. Asher got a chalk holder, foam darts for his shooter gun, some school books, a shirt, a sweet flashlight, and his favorite: peeps. Reed got a few Reader Tag books, a new MobiGo game (Cars), a shirt, and a chalk holder.

We didn't have church until 2, so we spent the rest of our morning eating and watching videos about the Resurrection. We had a beautiful day!

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