Monday, April 29, 2013

Being a Mom

I realized that my blog posts about motherhood are often spurred by the hard days. And the many good moments in between? They're not being recognized. I've been trying to apply some of the General Conference talks--particularly Sister Wixom's--to my life and I've come to realize that having peace in my home really starts with me. The way I react to my children's actions in turn shapes their reactions (most of the time, at least). I've also found that as I try harder to respond in patience, I've started to notice more good. I'm realizing how blessed I am for the many moments that make me pause. To others, these moments might seem insignificant. But to me, they are beautiful.

Like when I look over at Lila to find that Reed has joined her for tummy time:

And then he rubs her head and cuddles up to her:

Or when we go out to ride bikes or take a walk, and they all (well, okay, Reed and Asher at least) are so pumped.

Or when Asher stops eating to tell me, "Thanks for getting me this peanut butter sam! It's SO GOOD!" And how every time Asher walks by Lila, he wants to give her a "good morning hug" while saying, "Hi Why-wa Jae! Are you just the cutest ever? Yes you are!" And then later, when he comes out of the bathroom like this and asks if I like his "cute hat":

And then Reed will ask me to take a picture of him with Lila (on his camera, of course). And he'll want to show her the picture, too:

When I look over a minute later, she's fallen over, and he's playing his game, but still holding her.

Or when I'm feeding Lila and I look over at her feet and they are crossed, every single time.

And sometimes? Ryan will grab Lila and the boys in the morning and get them settled downstairs so I can sleep for a few extra minutes. And I come down to see this:

And sometimes, post-bath, Asher just feels the need to use Reed as a pillow. And Reed is totally cool with it.

I guess what I'm saying is that although being a mom comes with some ridiculously hard days where all I want to do is cry and where I feel so overwhelmed and, honestly, quite sure that I'm failing at every turn, being a mom also comes with the most wonderful and beautiful moments I've ever had. Being a mom gives me a chance to learn to love as God loves. Being a mom is a significant part of who I am, and, in many ways, defines me. Being a mom means I get to squeeze three little ones at the end of the day who I know love me and who I love so indescribably much. And that is worth any number of hard days.

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Grace said...

Kody laughed for about 3 min straight over the picture of Asher and his pants on his head. Thanks for making his day!

I liked reading your thoughts on motherhood. And seeing your cute pictures of the positives in your life.

We miss you guys!