Saturday, April 13, 2013

{Book Review} Threads of Grace by Kelly Long

I grew up on a steady diet of LDS fiction--I'm pretty sure I've read every Jack Weyland novel written up until about 2005. I kind of harbor a nostalgic soft spot for religious fiction in general, so when I saw Threads of Grace by Kelly Long, a novel based in an Amish community, available on BookSneeze, I decided to try it.

Threads of Grace is the story of an Amish woman, Grace Beiler, who was married off at a young age to save her family's farm and livelihood. In the opening of the novel, Grace is the newly-widowed mother of a nine-year-old boy with autism, and has just moved to a different Amish community than the one she grew up in. We are also introduced to Seth Wyse, a handsome and single neighbor who apparently harbors quite the crush on Grace. During the opening of the book, Seth is trying to decide just how to woo Grace while Grace is trying to decide how to steer clear of Seth's advances. 

Soon, Grace's brother-in-law arrives and reveals that Grace must be married within six months of her first husband's passing, or everything she has--including her son--go to her brother-in-law. Six months from her first husband's passing happens to be the day after her brother-in-law arrives. Seth offers to marry Grace and Grace, with no other choice, accepts. Before too long, Grace's mysterious past starts to come to light, and she and Seth must learn to trust each other as they face difficult decisions.

Overall, I enjoyed this Threads of Grace. The book was a super quick read--I finished the book in two days and, with my three little ones, I have extremely limited reading time. I did find the character development to be a little weak, particularly for Seth's character; he went from being portrayed as the Amish-equivalent of a ladies' man to being devotedly and solely committed to Grace. I also felt a few of the ends were tied a little too neatly, perhaps because they were wrapped up too quickly. I found the story line to be original and entertaining, though, and the book was certainly worth the two days I gave it.

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Kim said...

Was this only an E book? I like reading your reviews because then I know what to get next, potentially! However, I do not do so well with E-books. I really prefer having a book in my hands.

Megan said...

Yes, this one was an ebook. I like the hard copies better, too, but it seems like some of the better fiction books are only available through e-copy. I'm looking forward to reading the book you just reviewed, too--sounds fantastic.