Monday, April 8, 2013

Instalife: March

Our instagram life from March...
The boys thought it would be funny to give Lila glasses. It was.

Some days, we all cuddle in bed together to start the morning. The boys gave Lila their stuff and she was pretty happy about it.

Our content baby girl

A school craft they were particularly proud of.

Serious conversations

Grandpa Jack came for the blessing. We had to take this picture like four times because she kept moving and making it blurry!

Meeting cousins

Reed's guy family.

Ashie drew Santa.

He's having a picnic.

The boys LOVE to put wrist rattles on Lila.

Trying out Reed's new scooter at the park. They were all so happy we played for almost 2 hours!

Batman in prison.

The boys built a house for themselves. It looked pretty cozy!

We accidentally went to another ward's Easter activity. Yes, seriously. There was a flyer about it in our chapel and there wasn't a ward listed on it--it said "bring your friends and neighbors" so I assumed it was just an anyone-come-neighborhood-thing. The third time someone asked me if we were new to the ward, I realized. Oops. The boys had a great time, though, and really enjoyed making these bookmarks.

One night we met Ryan at a park by his office and had a picnic so the boys could have a chance to see him that day. We had a lot of fun!

One day I went upstairs to put Lila down for a nap. I came down to find Reed under a blanket, using a bear for a pillow. I seriously thought he was pretending but he was totally asleep and napped for an hour and a half! When he woke up and found me napping, he was mad I didn't come play with him and didn't elieve that he'd fallen asleep!

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