Friday, April 12, 2013

Pinterest Challenge: Conference Edition

Twice every year, when General Conference is approaching, I think, "I'm going to be more organized this year and prepare activities before so I'm not scrambling on Friday night. Then suddenly it's Friday night and I'm thinking, "Oops." This year was no exception--but luckily, I had a few activities I'd used before and, of course, a few helpful pins to inspire me on Friday night. I went with a couple different activities, but I didn't do every activity during every session--each session we had a little something new. These activities were all quite successful and I found myself able to listen to the majority of all four conference sessions, which hasn't happened in about four years. (In case you're curious, my two favorite talks were by Sister Wixom and Elder Holland.)

First, I went with a few easy items: coloring pages. The boys used to not really be fans at all of coloring pages, but lately Reed is all about coloring. And Ashie likes to do whatever Reed is doing, so he's all about coloring, too. I found these cute color the speaker's face pages here and printed a dot-to-dot for Reed that I found here. Both were quite popular.

Next, I went for an oldie-but-goodie: our Conference flowers. I honestly don't remember where I got this idea--it was a pin at one point--but I didn't actually use their printable so I don't feel too bad about it. I found free clipart flowers online, printed them on colored cardstock, then cut out the pictures of General Authorities from a previous conference magazine and glued them in the center of the flower. A quick run through my laminating machine and voila! (I can't believe I just used the word voila.) Anyway, I made these a few conferences ago and they never disappoint. When a speaker comes up, we find their flower, then tape it up. Simple and awesome. We also tried something new this year that was even simpler. In the past, I've cut out pictures of various topics (the temple, scriptures, a person praying, etc.) and if Reed heard the word referenced by the picture he could get a little treat. Honestly, he usually forgot what words to listen for even with the visual reminder. So this year I told Reed and Asher they could get a sticker for ANY word they heard. If we filled a paper, we'd pick a prize at the dollar store. Totally worked. They were getting words left and right. I'm definitely doing this again. And the best part? Not so many treats and NO prep.

 I  also found a printable that was a listen-for-the-topic game. If they heard the topic referenced by the picture, they got to add the picture-egg to the basket. Basically, when they told me a word they heard from the game above that was one of the topics, we'd hang the egg instead of getting a sticker.

Aaaaand now I can't find the pin. Oops.

And finally, I found this fantastic printable that was perhaps my favorite activity. I've been wanting to make pom-pom magnets for the school stuff I do with Reed and Asher and I finally had a great excuse to: Conference magnet sheets. I spent some time Friday night superglueing magnets to pom poms (all supplies I actually had on hand...nice) and the boys had a great time playing with these sheets on Saturday and Sunday. (Pin here.)
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So thanks, Pinterest. General Conference success.


Nick, Lynnie, & Cole said...

I love all of these ideas. Thanks for sharing!

Mandi Rolfe said...

Love the conference activities. The magnets pom poms is so cute!