Thursday, April 4, 2013

Pinterest Challenge: Easter Edition

I went pin crazy on Easter. Seriously. I made three new recipes (all from Our Best Bites. I'm obsessed.) and tried six additional pins. That's NINE pins, folks (in case I lost you with that advanced math). The best part, well, beside no pin fails? I didn't feel like I was going out my way to do the pins or that the pins were pointless--they actually contributed positively to our Easter celebrations.

First up: food. For Buttermilk Orange Donut Muffins and an Overnight Sausage and Egg Casserole. OMGsh. The muffins by themselves were delicious--not overly sweet and with just a hint of orange. Then we added the glaze and the muffins were over-the-top. I chose the casserole so I'd only have to prep one thing in the morning and it was a very good choice. I left the green chilies off part of the casserole because I knew the boys wouldn't enjoy the chilies. Anyway, we all devoured it--even the boys I mean, it's got a pound of sausage and four cups of cheese--what's not to like?. For dinner, we made our first-ever ham (well, Ryan made our first ever ham) and cheesy potatoes along with Cheesy Garlic Bread Swirls. The Cheesy Garlic Bread Swirls were my favorite food of the day, hands down. The bread is light and delicious. And then it's swirled with warm, gooey mozzarella, and buttery garlic. Go make them, now.

(Original pin here. Recipe here)

(Original pin here. Recipe here.)

(Original pin here. Recipe here.)

We also decided to try a few non-food pins. Ryan had to work most of Saturday, so I needed a few crafts to keep the boys occupied. We printed the emergent reader book (top left) and it occupied the boys for a good 45 minutes. They've enjoyed re-reading their stories inside many times since then, too. We did our own version of the finger paint art (top right). I let the boys go to town on a plain piece of paper with paint. Then we choose two simple clip-art graphics that I cut out by hand (I don't have any fancy cutting machines). We layered the clip art page over the finger painted page, then decided to laminate ours to make place mats. See our creations below!

We dyed eggs when Ryan got home Saturday night. I'm glad I remembered the whisk pin (bottom middle) because it made our egg-dyeing experience so much happier and cut down on the mess big-time. We also decided to try adding vegetable oil to one cup of dye for a marbling effect--which kind of worked, but wasn't super effective. And after we dyed eggs, we added wiggly eyes and smiles to a few.

Finally, on Easter morning we used the Resurrection Eggs for Preschoolers pin I found (bottom left). This version was perfect for Reed and Asher--not too long, so their attention didn't get too far off track, and covered the main points of the story.
(emergent reader book here; finger paint art here; Resurrection eggs here; whisk egg holder here; wiggly eye eggs here)

Our wiggly eye eggs:

One of our marbled eggs:

Our finger paint place mats:

Phew! Easter Pinterest Success!


Claudia/Rob said...

Everything looks so fun and awesome! You are such a fun mom! I miss seeing you guys!

kayla said...

My mouth is literally watering