Thursday, April 25, 2013

The Monthly Asher: 30

He thinks he should pick out his own outfits. If we're not leaving the house, I let him. 

Recently, Asher has started asking me what everything starts with. He'll come up with the most random words--things we aren't even talking about--and ask, "Mommy, what does Doggie start with? Mommy, what does pencil start with?" I'm not sure why he's so interested, but it's pretty cute.

Ashie loves to help with everything Lila-related. He likes to unvelcro the sides of her diaper for me and choose a new diaper (right now her diapers have Mickey on them, and he always chooses the diapers that picture both Mickey and Minnie. It's a big deal to him). He also likes to give her what he calls her "toot medicine," AKA gas drops. Throughout the day, he'll come over and tell me he wants to give Lila a "good morning hug." And every time he passes her, he stops and baby talks her, e.g. "Oh Lila Jae! Are you just the cutest in the world?"

The other day after I finished lunch, Asher told me, "You were such a good eater, Mommy!" He is great at giving compliments. He will often tell me he likes my shirt, he'll tell Lila how pretty she is, he'll compliment Reed on his skills during school, and he'll tell Ryan how cool something Ryan does is. He also always notices if I add a bow to Lila's outfit and comments on it. He's such a sweetheart!

Thomas track

Asher has really been enjoying our Thomas trains lately. We like to build a huge track, then he'll play with it for over an hour. His favorite engines are Rusty and Dash.

Asher is quite clumsy--mostly due to being 2 rather than any character defect, I think :) Anyway, he constantly has bruises, cuts, bumps, and general owies in several places at once. He's recently started cataloging his owies for me. Anytime he sees one of his "bops," as he often calls them, he'll tell me, "Mommy, the bop on my belly is gettin' better!" Then he'll proceed to check all of his other current bops and inform me of their state.

The boys know they're supposed to stay in their room until 7 a.m. They generally come in before that, we send them back, then they'll come in at 7:01 a.m. and tell us their clock says seven. For the past few weeks, Asher has started telling me his clock says seven after his naps (though it generally says something like 3:00)--because he knows that means he can come out of his room!

Relaxing with Bubba in the "digger" they made on the couch

Asher loves stuffed animals. He has a few very small animals that he calls "my babies." At bedtime, he always tells me, "I need my babies!" He loves to hold them for bed and is very protective of them. His babies include Winnie Pooh (a small yellow "teeny beanie" beanie baby bear that is most definitely not Winnie the Pooh), Monkey, Heart Bear, and occasionally baby quack quack (who is, incidentally, a giraffe). The other night Asher was feeling quite sick, so we included him feeling better as part of our family prayer at bedtime. He whispered to me (while I was praying), "And bless Winnie Pooh get feeling better, too!"

Asher wants to be super independent. He's started getting drinks of water for himself; can put his shirts, shorts, and underwear on himself; likes to start the dishwasher himself (we have the little pre-packaged dish detergents, which he thinks are amazing); climb into the Tahoe himself; and I could go on and on. Essentially, he wants to do everything Bubba does.

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Mandi Rolfe said...

Love this cute kid! Love that he said "You were such a good eater Mommy!" That is just the cutest thing ever.