Tuesday, April 23, 2013

The Monthly Lila: 3

Our Miss Lila Jae is three months old--or in other words, officially not a newborn anymore, which kind of makes me sad. (It also makes me a little bit happy, though, because it means sleeping through the night is {hopefully} near!)

When I go in to get Lila when she wakes up, she's generally crying or fussing. But as soon as I say her name--even if she can't see me yet--she smiles and starts cooing. Cutest. Thing. EVER.

 Just enjoying a little tummy time with Reeder.

Lila has started reaching for and occasionally succeeding in grabbing the toys that dangle above her on her monkey mat. Once she grabs them, she keeps a tight grip on them and is totally unwilling to let them go.

Trying to eat a few links, her rattle, and her hands all at once.

Lila has started bringing everything to her mouth. If she's wearing a dress or a shirt that doesn't have onesie snaps, she'll grab the hem and suck on it. If her blanket is lose she'll grab it and suck on it. If she's got a toy she'll suck on it. And if she has nothing else, she's always happy to suck on her hands.

 Rattles are so very fascinating.

Lila has become a lot more interactive, especially in the past two weeks. She "talks" up a storm to anyone who is willing to listen. I love her little noises--particularly her squeals, because they are so undeniably girly and are a noise the boys really never made. She loves when you talk to her and, between her noises, she'll reward you with huge smiles.

I'm still breastfeeding Lila--might I add, this is longer than I successfully exclusively breastfed either of the boys, so I'll pat myself on the back--and recently she's gone from taking 25 minutes to eat to taking 10-15 minutes to eat. The change wasn't really gradual, either. She's so fast now, which is especially nice in the middle of the night. The one aspect of still breastfeeding that is not exactly great is that Lila won't take a bottle. We tried for the very first time the day my sister went through the temple for her first time (4/13/13). A family friend was watching Lila and Lila flat-out refused the bottle--she wouldn't take a fast-flow or a slow-flow. Apparently Lila got quite worked up until they stopped trying to give her the bottle--then she started smiling again. Crazy girl. According to my phone, I've fed Lila 744 times since she was born for an average of 24 minutes each time and at an average of every 2 hours, 55 minutes.

 Playing with her tongue.

Lila has recently discovered her tongue and is ridiculously pleased with her discovery. She loves to stick it out and in and out and in, as well as to use it to make funny noises. Her tongue tricks result in a lot of drool. 

Lila is moving from 0-3 clothes to 3-6. The 0-3 clothes are all starting to get snug, but the 3-6 clothes are a little roomy. But she has been filling out a lot lately (you should see the rolls on her thighs--she's up to 4 rolls per thigh), so I'm sure she'll be there soon.

Figuring out the links (or perhaps the mysteries of the universe)

I've been reading a lot about baby sleep in an effort to get Lila to take better naps more consistently. I've learned a lot about baby sleep--information I wish I'd known with Reed and Asher--and have really worked with Lila on sleep training (not using cry-it-out--I'm fine with CIO, just not at such a young age). Anyway, knock on wood, Lila has gone from a baby who fought and refused sleep every single time I put her down to a baby who goes to sleep by herself in her bed within five to ten minutes of putting her down (usually with no crying) and from sleeping for 35-40 minutes at a time to sleeping for 1-2 hours at a time for naps. At night, she goes down between 7-8 (we're still fine-tuning bedtime), then sleeps until 2, wakes up to eat, goes right back down, wakes at 5 to eat, goes right back down, then wakes for the day around 7:20. Of course we still have some rough days and there are disruptions to her sleep (like when we run errands or go to story time), but overall, her sleep is great! So much better than either of the boys at this age (likely because I didn't "sleep train" them until they were 4 months old, old enough to CIO.) Hooray!

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