Sunday, April 7, 2013

The Monthly Reed: 41

When did he get so big?

Lately, Reed really enjoys coloring and he's started actually trying to stay in the lines (he never cared about coloring in the lines before). He's gotten pretty good at staying within the lines and is always super proud of his work. He likes to use a lot of colors for every picture, so his creations are always quite colorful. He does still prefer creating his own drawings to coloring in coloring books, which I think is great.

Cuddling with his favorites: Cure (Curious George), Bun (bunny), and white softie (the blanket)

Reed is such a good helper with Lila. I'll often ask him to sit with her if I have to go get something or do something (she's usually okay, but sometimes gets fussy if she's alone). Anyway, he'll stroke her head and talk to her in baby talk, "Hi little miss! Who's so cute? You are! She's just a little miss...(etc.)." He loves to hold her hand. If she's crying in the car, he opens up her car seat cover and talks to her so she's not sad. He is so tender!

Rockin' his new scooter. (Side note: those babies in the walkers in the background? They were running miles in those things. It was crazy.)

In November, Reed starting collecting spare change in a jar. We'd give him a few coins for helper jobs he did around the house, and any time he found money he'd put it in his jar. He finally got the jar most of the way full and we decided to cash it in. He'd originally been saving for a telescope, but when we realized how much telescopes cost, he decided to go for something else. When we cashed in the coins, he had $56 saved! He chose a three-wheel scooter and a couple of foam-dart shooters, then saved the extra to put back in the jar to save up again. I'm really impressed he stuck with his saving for so long!

He was so pumped on St. Patrick's Day because his primary teacher brought green "muffins" with flags.

Reed LOVES the shooters he got with the change he saved. He originally played with shooters at a friend's house and has wanted his own ever since. Ryan got a shooter for himself, too, and their favorite game is to have Reed and Asher run around downstairs while Ryan tries to get them with his shooter. Reeder shoots back, but he's not quite as fast on the trigger :)

Biggest brother.

Reed really likes to make silly noises and often decides to go on a silly-noise-burst when we call Ryan, especially if we're leaving a message. It's kind of like he's talking in an alien language--non-stop, odd sounds. It makes me laugh every time!

Reed and LJ have a sweet relationship. She LOVES him.

Reed is becoming even more independent and surprises me sometimes with the things he can do. He's kind of interesting with new challenges--he'll refuse to even try for the longest time, then all of a sudden he will try and be great at it with little to no learning curve. His latest thing is getting his shoes on all by himself. He especially likes to wear his velcro shoes because he can even do those up with no help.

Maybe I should be embarrassed because my kids are playing on the bathroom floor...but that's how we roll when I'm cleaning. Playing games on the iPad is the best.

Reed loves the game "Perry?" on the iPad and is quite good at it. The game requires some good problem-solving skills and I'm often surprised by how many levels he can figure out by himself.

Kid table!

Reed has been a little grumpy lately and he and I have been kind of butting heads. But something I love about him is that even if we're having a hard time, he will just come over and give me a hug out of the blue. Hopefully the sweetness will always win in the end :)

Just being silly with Ashie.


Nick, Lynnie, & Cole said...

I always love reading about your kiddos. They're so cute and smart and funny. Reed rock! Oh, and I am so impressed that he saved up so much money, what a stud!

Mandi Rolfe said...

Love that kid! He is suck a little smartie. :) And it sounds like he's way bettter at saving than I am lol...