Thursday, May 30, 2013


To say that Ryan enjoys music would be a huge understatement. And, of all the music he enjoys, Jimmy Eat World is one of the bands he enjoys most. He has been a fan for a very, very long time. Seriously. He takes any opportunity he can to go to Jimmy Eat World concerts. My first Jimmy concert was in 2009, when we took a family trip to Arizona. When Ryan found out Jimmy was going to be playing in Flagstaff, a mere four hours away, he talked me into making a weekend out of it. So we picked up our favorite Au Pair and off we went.

When we arrived in Flagstaff, we went to dinner at Cracker Barrel (random trivia for you: I worked at Cracker Barrel for three months the summer after my freshman year at BYU), then went swimming. And got to see this cuteness:

After swimming, we went to bed. Reed slept (where else?) in the bathtub. Don't worry, we lined it with blankets first. In the morning, Reed tucked his guys in snugly, as did Asher, and we drove to the Grand Canyon.

I'd only been to the North Rim before, so visiting the South Rim was fun. It is the more tourist-y side and has more paved trails and arm rails (great when you're worried about kids falling down the canyon). On our drive to the Grand Canyon, Asher told me, "I had fun on our trip, Mommy!" Sweet boy--he thought we'd driven four hours to swim and sleep in a hotel for one night. We spent the day hiking (part of the Bright Angel trail), giving Lila her first sunburn (bad mom moment), and generally having a fantastic time. And of course I took zero pictures. Of the Grand Canyon--something people come from all over the world to see. Whoops.

When we were sufficiently exhausted, we went back to the hotel, cleaned up, and left our babies with Aunt Kay Kay. Then we were off to the concert.

The opening band, Black Carl, was fantastic. And, then, of course, Jimmy. Amazing. We scored fantastic spots right at the front and had an excellent vantage point. The concert was a good mix of old favorites as well as several songs that will be on their new album. Very exciting.

We stumbled back to the hotel post-concert (well, after picking up a few street tacos--yum) and were happy to find all three of our kids sleeping peacefully (Kayla=baby whisperer). And then we promptly fell asleep.

The next day, we found this cute little cafe and ate a fantastic breakfast. Kayla and I shared this peanut butter banana french toast sandwich of awesomeness. I'm salivating just remembering it. After,  we decided to check out Wupatki National Monument. Though not as vast as the Grand Canyon, it was equally (if not more?) awe-inspiring. You're in the middle of the desert, when all of a sudden, you see this:

I know, right? Ancient Indian Ruins? Super cool.

In the one room we could go inside, we find this little guy, just hanging out. I find snakes to be kind of terrifying, yet creepily fascinating. The way they move simultaneously freaks me out and awes me.

After wandering around Wupatki for a while, we hit the road for Sedona. We asked the cafe owners what we couldn't miss while in Flagstaff, and Sedona was the answer--so to Sedone we went. On the way, we stumbled upon Slide Rock State Park. If it hadn't been windy and cold while we were there, I totally would have taken a ride down the rocks. It was amazing, and if we're ever in Arizona again, we're definitely going back. Since we weren't up to swimming, we decided to hike around a little.

You'll notice that Ashie is with Kayla in every picture. He LOVES her and refused to hold anyone else's hand. He cried unless he had his Kay Kay.

Daddy and Reed teamed up, too. I had my usual tag-along, Miss Lila.

Arizona was beautiful, and we were so glad to have one last hurrah with Kayla before she leaves on her mission--we are certainly going to miss her!

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

The Monthly Lila: 4

I think I'm probably going to say this every month of her entire life--but seriously? 4 months? Where did the time go?

First, stats:
Weight: 13 lbs., 10 oz. (45th percentile)
Height: 23.5 in. (15th percentile)
Head: 16.5 in. (95th percentile)
You can tell she's our child: short, a little chubby, and a gigantic head. The quintessential Hambly makeup (to compare: Reed at four months; Asher at four months)

Lila is a very even-keeled baby and doesn't cry much. One day was rough, though, and she was just screaming--which broke my heart. So I took a picture, of course. 

Miss Lila is hit and miss when it comes to rolling. She can roll from her tummy to her back--if she wants to. Sometimes she will roll over every time I put her on her tummy. Then she will not roll at all for days. Apparently she's in charge here. She has attempted to roll to her side from her back a few times. One notable attempt came when the boys were watching a movie. She was positioned so she couldn't see it--so she turned her head all the way to the side, kicked her leg over, and was almost all the way to her tummy, all in her attempts to watch the movie.

I love this chubby doll!

Lila still won't take a bottle, but I haven't really made huge attempts to get her to do so--I just forget or don't have the time to try a bottle and to pump. She is still breastfeeding well (though only on one side) and has become super efficient and speedy--she only takes about 10 minutes to eat.

I've cut back on dairy in my diet and have started giving Lila mylicon drops and occasionally Gripe Water, both of which have helped with her gas issue immensely. Her farts are still man-like, but don't seem to give her as much trouble and don't come as frequently.

Tummy time

We've had a few sleep issues crop up. Lila goes down for naps and for nighttime easily (in general). We have a short pre-sleep routine (about five minutes), then I lay her in her crib and she takes about 5-10 minutes to fall asleep. However, she has started waking up about 50-60 minutes into every nap, and I have to rock her and hold her for about 30-40 minutes before I can put her back in bed. (She falls back to sleep almost instantly in my arms, but if I lay her in bed too soon, she wakes rights up.) I think part of the issue is Wonder Week 19. Hopefully, when we get past that, sleep will go back to normal. If not, I plan to do a little sleep training again. We'll see how it goes. Lila still wakes up twice each night to eat, around midnight and again at 4 a.m. (or thereabouts).

Lila is becoming a lot more coordinated with her hands, especially in the past few days. Before, a toy had to be actually touching her hand for her to grab it. Now she is a lot more capable of reaching toward what she wants to grab. And, of course, once she grabs a toy, the toy goes immediately into her mouth. Currently, her favorite toy is a singing stuffed pig.

Found her thumb. 

Lila's neck and ab muscles are getting crazy strong. Ryan can already do rocket-pack with her and she doesn't flop around at all.  We have also started putting her in the exersaucer and she LOVES it. She doesn't care much for the toys on the saucer, but she loves standing up and being able to see what is going on.

Painting baby toes isn't exactly easy, but is so worth it.

Lila is such a sweet, content baby. She hardly cries and, when she does, it's only if she's super hungry or overtired (or in other words, our fault!)--and she is generally easily consoled. She loves people and will smile at anyone. She is especially smitten with her brothers. When they come anywhere near her, her eyes immediately lock onto them and she smiles and coos.

Rockin the shades. 

Lila has discovered her voice, even more so than last month! Sometimes she takes a while to settle at naptime because she just wants to "talk." Her little squeal is seriously one of the cutest noises I've ever heard. She is such a sweet baby!

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

The Monthly Asher: 31

Ashie Bee has finally (mostly) figured out jumping off the ground with two feet. Sometimes. With a lot of effort. The good news: once I actually attempted to have a "jumping clinic" (ha) with him, he learned the trick of jumping within a few jumps. Apparently we just need to work on it together more rather than just waiting for him to figure it out.

Asher asked if I could take a picture of him with his ball.

Asher had a few small stuffed animals he sleeps with (and one million big animals). He calls the little animals his babies and is very careful about caring for them.

Reed wanted to hold Lila--so of course Ashie did, too.

We have been riding bikes lately and Asher loves, loves, loves to ride his. The funny thing is that he doesn't really like pedaling. He is capable of pedaling and will sometimes pedal if I ask him to try it, but generally he just likes powering his bike by running along the ground. Watching his little legs move so quickly is actually pretty impressive.

Loving his bike!

Asher loves to read books together and will often grab a stack and ask me to read them to him. He also gets very attached to essentially every book we read and wants to read it over. And over. And over again. His current go-tos are Mr. Duck Means Business and Here Comes Peter Cottontail. At the library, he likes to pull books at random off the shelf, yell, "This looks cute!" then shove it into our bag. I'm glad he loves books so I let him choose what he wants to, then slip in a few I know I'll enjoy reading. We recently read a book about a fishing trip. Then today, while we were driving, Asher asked me, "What is we were fishing and we pulled [the rod] and caught A DUCKIE?!" Then he cracked up.

Having fun in the bath with Lila

We love to go to story time. Asher generally likes to sit on my lap so I can sing the songs to him, but the last few trips Lila has been in need of food, so Asher has sat next to Reed instead. He is SO cute to watch at story time. He gets really, really excited when he knows the answer to a question (like "What color is this?" or "What does a pig say?") and YELLS the answer at the top of his lungs when he's sure of it. I can hear him over everyone else.

Playing in his doggie house/box

Asher has started to employ stall tactics (again) at bed and nap time. I limit him, generally, to one or two requests (one of which is usually a drink of water). And always, as I'm leaving, he asks, "But what if I neeeeeeeeeeeed you?" It's maddeningly cute.

Reed and Asher both like the show Phineas and Ferb. They've given each of our family members characters to be from the show (Reed=Phineas, Asher=Ferb, Lila=Perry, Mommy=Mom, Daddy=Doofenshmirtz). We've pretty much abandoned the nicknames, though, except for Lila. Any time I put Lila down for a nap or bed, Asher calls, "Goodnight little Lila Perry!" And that's the only time he ever refers to her as Lila Perry.

Asher loves to play board games. His favorite are Candy Land and Chutes & Ladders. He's kind of lucky, too. One time, he beat us all at Candy Land with three cards, so we put him back at the beginning so we could all keep playing. He won two more times before anyone else made it to the end! He's also fantastic at Memory. He remembers where cards are that I don't even remember--it's pretty impressive.

As much as I want to think of him as little, Ashie really is becoming more of a little boy and less of a toddler. Every day, I'm surprised by the things he comprehends and remembers. He is going to be three before we know it!

Sunday, May 26, 2013

Date Night

Ryan and I have decided to start doing monthly one-on-one date nights with the boys. We let Asher have the first turn because Reed generally gets to do things first. I gave Asher a few ideas of what we could do and he immediately choose a McDonald's date. I really enjoyed my time with Ashie. I almost never get to have time with just him and I loved seeing how he acted with just me--no Reed or Lila to compete with.
He was a great eater. After each bite, he would hold up his chicken and say, "Look at that big bite!" With each drink of milk, he'd show me his container and say, "Look how much is missing NOW!" He kept handing me his apples and saying, "This bite is for you, Mommy!"

Ashie was really excited to play in the play place but was kind of lost when we got there. Usually, he follows Reed around on playgrounds and he didn't know quite where to start on his own. With a little encouragement, though, he had a great time.

After Asher had been playing in the play place for a little while, I told him to let me know when he was done playing and we would get ice cream. He immediately yelled, "Okay I'm done! Lets get ice cream now!!!" Boy loves his ice cream. He was an especially big fan of the chocolate shell.

Ashie got a cool spyglass toy that was so beloved by both boys that Reed choose McDonald's for his date, too, so he could get one. And Asher was pretty impressed by a cardboard butterfly ring that we punched out of his happy meal box.

I had a great time with Ashie and look forward to many future dates!

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

First California trip of the Year

*I usually don't have issues with picture quality when I post pictures from my phone. But for whatever reason, these aren't looking lovely. Bare with me.*

We went to California over Mother's Day weekend so Ryan could be a rockstar.

Really, though, Ryan's dad's band and Ryan's brother's band were playing at a block party Ryan's cousin was hosting, and we thought it would be fun to spend time with everyone. Then Ryan was asked to play the drums and he was in drumming heaven. Now that we live approximately five feet away from our closest neighbor (literally), Ryan has little opportunity to drum at our house.

While we were, there, Reed also got to be a rockstar.

And the boys got to do one of their favorite things: spend a lot of time with cousins.

Mother's Day was fantastic. I got to spend the day with my three favorite little ones and celebrate being their mom as well as the amazing mothers I know. I think I've adequately expressed my feelings about being a mom, but I would like to take a gushy second to thank all the mothers I know who have shaped me as a mom, especially my mom and my mother-in-law. Both are such amazing women and have given me amazing examples of motherhood (now if I could just follow those examples!).

At church, Reed made me a cute flower sucker. I loved the tag most of all, though. He wrote "mom" on one side and "Reed" on the other. Asher made me a card, but refused to put it down long enough for me to take a picture of it. He was pretty impressed with himself and, I think a little confused about who the card was for--I think he still thinks it's his. His favorite part of his card that he showed everyone was the sparkly foam Easter egg sticker he put on the front. I loved that part, too.



Asher drew a scribble on the envelope of the card the boys got me to go with the gift so Reed made the scribble into a "guy shakin' his booty" (what else, right?)

Ryan and the boys all have their own nerf dart shooters. The boys have been dying for me to have one, so they gave me one for Mother's Day. Asher spilled the beans about a week early when he told me, "Mommy, you have to check out your shooter!!" and tried to take me to where they'd hidden the shooter. Reed intervened, though, and I was "super surprised" when I opened the gift. I love how excited they were to give me the shooter!

And Ryan, amazing shopper that he is, picked out a darling shirt and dress for me. Love that man.
(Who has two thumbs and is terrible at taking selfies? This girl.)
It wouldn't be a Hambly holiday without amazing food--seriously, the best salad I've ever had in my life and perfect pork chops--and fantastic dinner conversation. I'm so glad we got to spend the holiday with family!

Before we drove back home on Monday, we decided to check out the California Science Center. The boys were a little young for it, but we all still had a great time. My favorite thing (and I think Ryan's, too) was the Endeavor Space Shuttle. We watched a short video of how they transported the shuttle from Florida to the CSC, which was unreal. Picture a space shuttle being pulled by a truck down residential streets and you'll know what I mean.

The boys really enjoyed the aquariums, especially the tunnel where you could walk, surrounded by fish and water (behind glass, of course). 

Ryan obviously enjoyed being a newscaster, too.

And Lila, who, though a good sleeper in bed, is a terrible sleeper anywhere else, mercifully fell asleep.

Post CSC, all three kids slept in the car (shock! wonder! awe!) for a blissful hour-and-a-half. Which justifies the trip to the CSC, and its added travel time, I think.