Thursday, May 30, 2013


To say that Ryan enjoys music would be a huge understatement. And, of all the music he enjoys, Jimmy Eat World is one of the bands he enjoys most. He has been a fan for a very, very long time. Seriously. He takes any opportunity he can to go to Jimmy Eat World concerts. My first Jimmy concert was in 2009, when we took a family trip to Arizona. When Ryan found out Jimmy was going to be playing in Flagstaff, a mere four hours away, he talked me into making a weekend out of it. So we picked up our favorite Au Pair and off we went.

When we arrived in Flagstaff, we went to dinner at Cracker Barrel (random trivia for you: I worked at Cracker Barrel for three months the summer after my freshman year at BYU), then went swimming. And got to see this cuteness:

After swimming, we went to bed. Reed slept (where else?) in the bathtub. Don't worry, we lined it with blankets first. In the morning, Reed tucked his guys in snugly, as did Asher, and we drove to the Grand Canyon.

I'd only been to the North Rim before, so visiting the South Rim was fun. It is the more tourist-y side and has more paved trails and arm rails (great when you're worried about kids falling down the canyon). On our drive to the Grand Canyon, Asher told me, "I had fun on our trip, Mommy!" Sweet boy--he thought we'd driven four hours to swim and sleep in a hotel for one night. We spent the day hiking (part of the Bright Angel trail), giving Lila her first sunburn (bad mom moment), and generally having a fantastic time. And of course I took zero pictures. Of the Grand Canyon--something people come from all over the world to see. Whoops.

When we were sufficiently exhausted, we went back to the hotel, cleaned up, and left our babies with Aunt Kay Kay. Then we were off to the concert.

The opening band, Black Carl, was fantastic. And, then, of course, Jimmy. Amazing. We scored fantastic spots right at the front and had an excellent vantage point. The concert was a good mix of old favorites as well as several songs that will be on their new album. Very exciting.

We stumbled back to the hotel post-concert (well, after picking up a few street tacos--yum) and were happy to find all three of our kids sleeping peacefully (Kayla=baby whisperer). And then we promptly fell asleep.

The next day, we found this cute little cafe and ate a fantastic breakfast. Kayla and I shared this peanut butter banana french toast sandwich of awesomeness. I'm salivating just remembering it. After,  we decided to check out Wupatki National Monument. Though not as vast as the Grand Canyon, it was equally (if not more?) awe-inspiring. You're in the middle of the desert, when all of a sudden, you see this:

I know, right? Ancient Indian Ruins? Super cool.

In the one room we could go inside, we find this little guy, just hanging out. I find snakes to be kind of terrifying, yet creepily fascinating. The way they move simultaneously freaks me out and awes me.

After wandering around Wupatki for a while, we hit the road for Sedona. We asked the cafe owners what we couldn't miss while in Flagstaff, and Sedona was the answer--so to Sedone we went. On the way, we stumbled upon Slide Rock State Park. If it hadn't been windy and cold while we were there, I totally would have taken a ride down the rocks. It was amazing, and if we're ever in Arizona again, we're definitely going back. Since we weren't up to swimming, we decided to hike around a little.

You'll notice that Ashie is with Kayla in every picture. He LOVES her and refused to hold anyone else's hand. He cried unless he had his Kay Kay.

Daddy and Reed teamed up, too. I had my usual tag-along, Miss Lila.

Arizona was beautiful, and we were so glad to have one last hurrah with Kayla before she leaves on her mission--we are certainly going to miss her!


kayla said...

Such a fun trip!! Love you guys!

Mandi Rolfe said...

Your trip looks so fun. I'm absolutely in love with Lila's suit! And I find it simply hilarious that Reed slept in the tub...and tucked his guys into the tub later. I just love you and your sweet kids so much!

Brooke & Skyler said...

Looks like fun little get away!!