Sunday, May 26, 2013

Date Night

Ryan and I have decided to start doing monthly one-on-one date nights with the boys. We let Asher have the first turn because Reed generally gets to do things first. I gave Asher a few ideas of what we could do and he immediately choose a McDonald's date. I really enjoyed my time with Ashie. I almost never get to have time with just him and I loved seeing how he acted with just me--no Reed or Lila to compete with.
He was a great eater. After each bite, he would hold up his chicken and say, "Look at that big bite!" With each drink of milk, he'd show me his container and say, "Look how much is missing NOW!" He kept handing me his apples and saying, "This bite is for you, Mommy!"

Ashie was really excited to play in the play place but was kind of lost when we got there. Usually, he follows Reed around on playgrounds and he didn't know quite where to start on his own. With a little encouragement, though, he had a great time.

After Asher had been playing in the play place for a little while, I told him to let me know when he was done playing and we would get ice cream. He immediately yelled, "Okay I'm done! Lets get ice cream now!!!" Boy loves his ice cream. He was an especially big fan of the chocolate shell.

Ashie got a cool spyglass toy that was so beloved by both boys that Reed choose McDonald's for his date, too, so he could get one. And Asher was pretty impressed by a cardboard butterfly ring that we punched out of his happy meal box.

I had a great time with Ashie and look forward to many future dates!

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