Tuesday, May 28, 2013

The Monthly Asher: 31

Ashie Bee has finally (mostly) figured out jumping off the ground with two feet. Sometimes. With a lot of effort. The good news: once I actually attempted to have a "jumping clinic" (ha) with him, he learned the trick of jumping within a few jumps. Apparently we just need to work on it together more rather than just waiting for him to figure it out.

Asher asked if I could take a picture of him with his ball.

Asher had a few small stuffed animals he sleeps with (and one million big animals). He calls the little animals his babies and is very careful about caring for them.

Reed wanted to hold Lila--so of course Ashie did, too.

We have been riding bikes lately and Asher loves, loves, loves to ride his. The funny thing is that he doesn't really like pedaling. He is capable of pedaling and will sometimes pedal if I ask him to try it, but generally he just likes powering his bike by running along the ground. Watching his little legs move so quickly is actually pretty impressive.

Loving his bike!

Asher loves to read books together and will often grab a stack and ask me to read them to him. He also gets very attached to essentially every book we read and wants to read it over. And over. And over again. His current go-tos are Mr. Duck Means Business and Here Comes Peter Cottontail. At the library, he likes to pull books at random off the shelf, yell, "This looks cute!" then shove it into our bag. I'm glad he loves books so I let him choose what he wants to, then slip in a few I know I'll enjoy reading. We recently read a book about a fishing trip. Then today, while we were driving, Asher asked me, "What is we were fishing and we pulled [the rod] and caught A DUCKIE?!" Then he cracked up.

Having fun in the bath with Lila

We love to go to story time. Asher generally likes to sit on my lap so I can sing the songs to him, but the last few trips Lila has been in need of food, so Asher has sat next to Reed instead. He is SO cute to watch at story time. He gets really, really excited when he knows the answer to a question (like "What color is this?" or "What does a pig say?") and YELLS the answer at the top of his lungs when he's sure of it. I can hear him over everyone else.

Playing in his doggie house/box

Asher has started to employ stall tactics (again) at bed and nap time. I limit him, generally, to one or two requests (one of which is usually a drink of water). And always, as I'm leaving, he asks, "But what if I neeeeeeeeeeeed you?" It's maddeningly cute.

Reed and Asher both like the show Phineas and Ferb. They've given each of our family members characters to be from the show (Reed=Phineas, Asher=Ferb, Lila=Perry, Mommy=Mom, Daddy=Doofenshmirtz). We've pretty much abandoned the nicknames, though, except for Lila. Any time I put Lila down for a nap or bed, Asher calls, "Goodnight little Lila Perry!" And that's the only time he ever refers to her as Lila Perry.

Asher loves to play board games. His favorite are Candy Land and Chutes & Ladders. He's kind of lucky, too. One time, he beat us all at Candy Land with three cards, so we put him back at the beginning so we could all keep playing. He won two more times before anyone else made it to the end! He's also fantastic at Memory. He remembers where cards are that I don't even remember--it's pretty impressive.

As much as I want to think of him as little, Ashie really is becoming more of a little boy and less of a toddler. Every day, I'm surprised by the things he comprehends and remembers. He is going to be three before we know it!


kayla said...

I love that Lila is Perry instead of Candace and that Ryan is Doof instead of the Dad! I also LOVE my Ashie Bee!!

Mandi Rolfe said...

I love that you had a "jumping clinic". So cute! And I'm completely in love with this boy and all the sweet things he does and says!!