Wednesday, May 8, 2013

The Monthly Reed: 42

Reed got a Tag Reader for Christmas and he LOVES it so much. I'm not sure if it's the Tag's doing or (wishful thinking) the school we do together, but he's starting to pay a lot more attention to words and to recognize some simple words. One word he learned pretty quickly was "red" because it is almost the same as "Reed." He was thrilled when he saw the word "red" on his tricycle. One day we were reading an arthur book and Reed pointed out all the times the word "Arthur" was on the page--he recognized the capital A. I'm really enjoying watching him learn.

Creepy eyes at story time.

Reed's imagination has taken a huge leap lately. The other day he made a super hero game for us where we had to complete various super hero tasks, like super speed (running a little course he planned out) and super strength (lifting a beanbag chair as high as we could). He also loves playing secret agents, where he makes up missions for us to complete.

He's so tender with her.

Reed got his first ever bike last summer. But we lived on a huge hill, I was newly pregnant and sicker than I'd ever been, and the we had about 100 degree weather every day--so we didn't exactly ride bikes often. Then the bike was in storage for a few months. Reed didn't get much practice on his bike so didn't really enjoy it. The weather has warmed up here quite a bit recently, though, and we've been spending time outside almost every day--and now Reed LOVES his bike. He's improved a ton and likes to show off how fast he can pedal! Riding bikes is one of his favorite activities, currently.

He looks so grown up it kills me. Handsome boy.

Reed has a great vocabulary (in my opinion, at least) and sometimes I'm a little surprised to hear the words he knows and can use correctly. This morning he told me the car I built was "extremely" cool. Last week his gogurt tasted "fantastic." The mountain was "composed" of rocks.

Lately we've been having "mommy and buddy time" during the last half of Asher's nap if Lila happens to be asleep, too. Reed usually chooses to read books together and always wants to sit on my lap while we do so. It's very sweet.

Hanging out with sister.

Reed still loves his building toy and he can build pretty impressive structures--cooler than I could, at least! He really likes to make various forms of glasses with buttons that make them shoot or do other cool things. His buildings are almost always symmetrical--he's really got an eye for it.

Rockin' the socks off bike riding.

Reed recently discovered "How it's Made". He now loves to watch various clips on YouTube of how different item are made (hence the title, right?). His favorite so far has been how umbrellas are made. And he's pretty sure he can make a machine like he sees in the factory.

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Nicolas said...

I always love reading about Reed. He is so funny, so cute, and so smart!