Monday, June 10, 2013

Instalife: May

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When Reed and Ryan went on their date, Ashie and Lila got to take a bath together. Ashie thought it was the coolest thing, EVER. And I was reminded of a certain two little boys in the tub together (which feels like it was yesterday).

I made a cowl! The boys really, really wanted to try it on (seriously, they requested). I followed Maybe Matilda's crochet along for the pattern and pattern helps. This cowl is going to come in handy for the 110* weather we've been having lately.

I took this picture while we were out of town--I went in to check on her and she was just too sweet to resist.

One night Ryan went to the temple, so the boys and I got ice cream in colored cones and gave Lila a pedi!

Ashie has been refusing to stay in his bed for naps--so I put him in the pack n' play. Now he requests to sleep in it (he calls it the "baby bed")

We finally started decorating! Woot!

We love good food. This meal is very "Hambly."

Reeder won huge butterfly poster from Redrock Canyon Visitor's Center, and we have been using our "Mommy and Buddy time" to color it together.

Yes, this is a screen shot--I think I accidentally deleted the original. Anyway, the boys and I finished 500 books in our library's 1000 Books Before Kindergarten Program. Every 100 books you get to choose a small prize, and at 500 you get a book bag. Reed thought the book bag was a lame prize, so I pulled out the fabric paints and we added a little swag to ours to make them more fun. Reed suggested the "zig zags." And Asher wanted to be just like Reed (of course).

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