Saturday, June 1, 2013

Springs Preserve--or the way we spend money.

I'm cheap. It's true; I really don't like spending money and I really, really love saving money (hence my couponing phase. As it turns out, having three kids has put a few constraints on my time, leaving me zero time to coupon. Sigh.). Anyway, Ryan and I have discovered that we much prefer up-front costs. Take clothing, for example. I buy almost all my kids' 6-12 months in advance, when it's clearance from the season ending. Luckily, my kids fit in clothes that correspond to their ages (they wear size six months when they are six months old). I spent $63 last week at Children's Place--but that was for 21 extremely cute pieces; mostly 12-month clothes for Lila with a few things for the boys. We buy passes instead of one-time trips (like to the Community Center and to the National Parks).

I digress. A few Saturdays ago, the boys and I were all grumpy, so Ryan coaxed us out of the house and to the Springs Preserve. We'd never been, but had heard great things about it. When we arrived, we found that kids under 5 are free (or in other words, ALL three of our kids were free), and that day there was a special event happening, so our tickets were half price. Score. We also found out that at the end of the day, if we enjoyed our time, we could spend an additional $30 and get a year-long pass. Up-front cost, my friends. Guess who bought the year pass?

The Springs was so cool. They've re-created "the meadows," or the way the Las Vegas Valley originally looked in the lowlands (non-desert). There are three museums on site and a children's play area that the boys  really enjoyed.

Our pass can be used not only to get our whole family in, but I could also get myself and a friend in, should Ryan be unable to go. And their kids would be free, too, if they were under five. Now I just need to make a few friends :)

So thank you, Springs Preserve, for de-grumpifying my little family and for providing yet another example of why up-front costs are the way to go.

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Mandi Rolfe said...

Sounds fun! And looks fun too...I need to come down and be your friend for a day! :)