Wednesday, June 26, 2013

The Monthly Asher: 32

Posing for a bookmark we made for Ryan for Father's Day.

Asher loves puzzles and is quite good at them. He can put together a 30ish piece puzzle almost completely by himself and usually spends time playing puzzles every day.

Ashie and Bubba built "beds"

If Reed is doing something, you can be pretty sure Asher is going to try it, too. Asher loves Reed and wants to be just like Reed! He is interested in a lot of the same things Reed is and is often willing to try something just because Reed does. It's interesting in the brief times I spend with Asher when Reed isn't around--Asher is both excited to be alone and confused about where to start playing first!

Showing off his lego car (don't mind his weird expression)

Asher doesn't really like to be in new situations or around people he's not super comfortable with. We spent the last week in Tahoe with all of Ryan's family and Asher took a very, very long time to warm up to everyone. Luckily, he really loves Bubba and is willing to do things if Bubba will hold his hand (and Bubba usually will), so he did play with his cousins--though in a somewhat reserved manner.When he's nervous, he gets a lot clingier to me, too, so he spent a lot of time hiding behind me or sitting with me while we were in Tahoe.

Building a race track down the stairs is one of Asher's favorite things to do.

We gave Asher a Tag Jr. reading toy for his second birthday. He didn't care about it at all. But this past month, he has rediscovered it and loves it--it's his current favorite toy. He will sit and play with it for large blocks of time. He particularly likes the book called "Us" because it has a jammin' song at the end. He starts the song, then holds the Tag up to his hear boom-box-esque and rocks out. It's ridiculously cute. Reed has the Tag Reader, which he calls the "Reader Tag"--and since we call Reed "Reeder," Ashie thinks the toy is a "Reeder Tag"--so Ashie calls his Tag Jr. his "Ashie Tag."

Still fits.

As we've started pulling out some of the boys' old toys for Lila, Asher has started to take an interest in them (of course). His favorites are the exersaucer and the bumbo. He will often sit in the bumbo and just hang out or play with something for a while. And he loves to make the little computer part of the exersaucer sing. Which he does 1,000 times in a row :)

Chocolate monster.

Asher is perhaps the world's biggest chocolate ice cream fan. He goes crazy about it. Whenever we have ice cream and I ask him which flavor he wants, his immediate response is, "CHOCOLATE!" before he even hears any options!

He loves my water bottle so, so much.

Asher is often my happiest child--but he is also often my most grumpy or saddest child. He doesn't really have an "even"--he's either super excited or super mad. He also tends to vacillate pretty quickly between the two extremes. Luckily, he's more often happy than mad.

Grumpy face.


Mandi Rolfe said...

Love that sweet kid! The "Ashie Tag" story is so cute!

Nick, Lynnie, & Cole said...

he's such a cutie and so grown up! It's really fun to read about him and realize how similar he and cole are. just wish they could play more!

kayla said...

I love my Ashie B!