Monday, June 3, 2013

The Monthly Reed: 43

Reed is a big fan of the show "How it's Made"--he sometimes watches it with me, but mainly he reserves it for Daddy. The two of them like to be technical together. Anyway, the other day he built something out of k'nex, then came to me, disassembled his structure, then reassembled it while carefully explaining how each part is put into place. When he finished building his structure, he said, "Then it's packaged and shipped to stores!" 

Reed always wants to be part of Lila's monthly picture. 

Reed started to like the Little Critter books--then he picked up a Berenstain Bear book at the library, thinking it was a Little Critter. And now he loves the Berenstain Bears even more than Little Critter. I was a huge Berenstain Bear fan when I was younger, so while I was at my parents' house last weekend, I picked up all my old Berenstain Bear books. Reed was in book heaven--he was so excited. Now we read at least one Berenstain Bear book a day (in addition to several others). 

Waiting for daddy to get home, taking selfies (sorry Lila)

Speaking of reading--and Reed, who loves to read--Reed has been really enjoying reading books to himself during quiet time. He tells me, "I'm going to read. Well, not really read, but like look at the pictures, you know?" He actually gets a lot out of the pictures. He'll often tell me about a picture he saw in the story and explain what they were doing, or when we read a book after he's looked at the pictures, he'll say, "That's what I thought they were doing!" or be super excited to point out some of the pictures to me.

Reeder loves Lila!

Reed has an analytical mind. He has to understand how everything works or have an explanation for what happens or why it happens. He'll often go into somewhat long-winded descriptions of things to Ryan or I, and we can tell that he's trying to process the action or make sense of it at least. He thinks about things I would never come up with.

Having fun during "mommy and buddy time"

Reed has gotten to be pretty proficient on his trike. The other day, he was riding downhill and I told him he was "cruisin'." He asked what I meant, so I explained, then the next time he started going fast he yelled, "I'm cruisin', Mommy!"

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Mandi Rolfe said...

Love this cute kid! He's so super smart. It makes me happy that he loves to read so much. And I'm in love of the selfie of the four of you. How fun!