Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Whole Foods Tour

We are really loving our new ward. One thing in particular I love is the summer activity schedule. All summer long, the Relief Society plans various activities--there is literally an activity every day, from small things like meeting at the park to bigger things like doing a tour of Whole Foods. Last week, we decided to go on the Whole Foods tour.

Excited blurry hand--it's strawberry time!
I was very impressed by the Whole Foods Tour, actually--it was a lot of fun. We started in the produce section, where we got to sample fresh berries. Next we went to the bulk section, where our guide ground fresh chocolate almond butter for us to sample.

Reed always has to be in the picture :)
We then went to the vitamin row, where the kids all got a gummy vitamin--well all the kids but Asher, who about had a breakdown when he accidentally got skipped. We soon remedied the case of the vitamin-less Asher, thank goodness.

Coloring patiently while waiting for a smoothie.
After the vitamins, we went to the bakery for vegan, gluten-free chocolate chip cookies. I didn't actually try one, but Reed told me the cookies were tasty. And finally, we went to some picnic tables in the middle of the store where we got a coloring packet, a bag of trail mix, and freshly made smoothie. The smoothie was not small (nice!) and was quite tasty!

He is seriously blurry in every single picture I take.
So thanks for the tour, Whole Foods. Sorry that I'm too cheap to shop exclusively at your store!

Monday, July 29, 2013

Choo Choo!

Our last day in California was a planned travel day. Because it was a Monday, everyone was back at work, and Ryan needed to be back to work on Tuesday. But because our drive is so short now, we decided we might as well make the most of Ryan's day off! We decided to do something we've never done before: ride the train!

The train was surprisingly large (to me, at least). And it was a very smooth ride. I'm not really sure what I was expecting, but I found the ride to be extremely enjoyable.

The boys loved watching out the windows. We played the alphabet game for the majority of the trip!

They were also quite excited when we saw a city bus covered in Minions!

Lila needed a diaper change and, I'm not going to lie, I was super impressed with the changing station in the train. Way to go, Amtrak. (Who takes a picture of the changing table? Me.)

We rode the train to Union Station, then walked to Olvera Street (think Little Mexico). Side note: the last time we went to Olvera Street, a random stranger stopped us, gave six-month-old Reed and Ryan a once-over, then told Ryan, "He has your legs" referring to Reed. Weird, right?

We had a good time checking out Olvera Street. The boys loved every single tiny shop and wanted to play with everything they saw.

Sadly, I forgot Lila's pacifier. Nice. So she spent most of her time not sleeping.

Though she did eventually fall asleep in the carrier...for twenty minutes. Luckily, she doesn't really get fussy, no matter how tired she is.

After Olvera Street, we walked to Chinatown.

In Chinatown, we were drawn in by the tiny turtles and decided to rescue a pair from the cramped conditions.

We went through many iterations of names (my favorites being Gru/Minion and Geaorge/The Turtle With the Yellow Hat), and have finally settled on Dalmation-Justin and Squidgie (from the show Justin Time. It's a cute one.). Dalmation-Justin and Squidgie seem to be much happier now that we've moved them to a larger tank. Dalmation-Justin prefers basking in the rocks and Squidgie prefers swimming. They are both very cute.

We had some crazy good Mexican food, then hopped back on the train to Simi. We came home, turned on our air, then went out to dinner while the house cooled down. While we were driving, we discovered that while we were gone, the Spring Mountain area caught fire. In some parts of the city, ash rained down and the air was horrible. Thankfully, we were far enough away that we weren't really affected. And, thankfully, the fire was contained eventually, though it did burn about 28,000 acres.

Sunday, July 28, 2013

The Monthly Asher: 33

We were eating dinner one night and Asher, who is a picky eater and tries to get out of eating things, told me, "I don't like the meat. It is too brown!"

When Asher is disappointed about something, he says, "Awwww nutsies!" I have no idea where he learned this phrase, but it sounds pretty funny coming from him.

Asher is really shy in new situations. If we're going somewhere new or if he knows a lot of kids are going to be around, he asks me to hold him or to carry him in. If I'm unavailable, he is sure to hold onto the stroller the entire time or to clutch my leg. He sometimes warms up, but it takes him a while.

Ashie got down by Lila and said, "Mommy, we are so cute! Take a picture of us!"

Asher has started to refer to himself and Reed as "the boys." Whenever he wants something--and he thinks Reed wants it, too--he'll ask, "Mommy, can the boys take their shoes off?" or "Mommy, can the boys have a gogurt?" If I answer "yes," he'll say, "Bubba! Mommy said the boys can take their shoes off!" Sometimes he will assume I'll say no before he even asks me for a favor, and he will say, "Mommy, why can the boys not have a treat?" I love it.

A new trick for Asher is buckling himself into his car seat! He has been able to buckle the top part of his belt for a while now, but just recently has figured out how to get the bottom buckles in, too. He's not very quick at buckling yet, but if Ryan or I try to help him he gets very upset--he can do it himself!

Crazy sword pants.
We always have "contests" to see who can squeeze the tightest for bedtime hugs. Asher has stepped his hugging up a notch lately, though. His new favorite thing to do is to knock me over when he hugs me. He pushes his little legs against the ground until we both topple. Every night he tells me, "Let's see if I can knock you over!!" 

Asher has learned to peddle his bike! He wasn't willing to try for a long time. Then he would peddle, but only going downhill. He would mostly walk Fred-Flinstone-style to make his bike go. But one day he decided to do it and just did! He can peddle all over the place now.

He's finally brave enough to get his face wet!
Asher has a habit of falling out of the bed. We recently put a pool "noodle" under his sheet to help block the edge. The day before the noodle was placed, though, Asher fell out of bed in the middle of the night and started crying. I went in to him and he said, (sobbing) "Maybe I should scoot over!" He always sleeps right on the edge and I'm always reminding him to scoot over so he doesn't fall, so I found him repeating my words to be pretty cute.

Ryan set up his drums in the office, which has renewed Asher's love for Reed's drums. Any time Ryan plays the drums, the boys run to their room to take turns on Reed's drums. Sometimes they play together--they each use one stick, Reed does the bass drum, and Asher does the high-hat. One day while Lila was napping, though, Asher started to play the drums (even though he knows he's not supposed to). Ryan went into the room and asked what Asher was doing. Asher told him, "I'm just playing the drums, Daddy!" He didn't even realize he was doing something wrong, apparently :)

These shorts? Size 6-9 months.
One day I was putting a dress on Lila. Asher pointed to her diaper cover and said, "There are Lila's yellow big boys!" (We call underwear "big boys") Then he pointed to her dress and said, "There is her thing with beautiful flowers!"

When Asher has to wait to talk (like if Reed is already telling me something), he often has a hard time remembering what he wanted to say. When he forgets, he starts crying and says, "I didn't know what I was saying!"

Hats and underwear. Totally normal.

If Asher has a belly ache, he'll tell us, "My bad tummy hurts!"

Lately Asher has been "interpreting" for Lila. He often tells me, "Dolly says, 'I want some baby rice!'" or "Dolly says, 'I am tired! I want a nap.'" He always uses a super high-pitched voice when telling me what Lila says.

Little cheeser.
One day we were talking about going on a hike and Asher said (in a monster growl), "I don't like rocks. Rocks hurt me!"

Sometimes, Asher tells me, "Mommy when you and Daddy get smaller, you can sit in seats like the boys." or "Mommy, when you get smaller, you can eat baby rice like Lila." Apparently, I'm growing younger while he's growing older :)

Friday, July 26, 2013

The Monthly Lila: 6

This month has been a big one for Miss Lila Jae! But first, her stats:
Weight: 15 lbs. 13 oz. (45th percentile)
Length: 25 1/2 in. (35th percentile)
Head: 17 in. (75th percentile)

Sweet doll!
Lila got her first two teeth this month! The bottom right tooth came in on 7/3/13 and the bottom left on 7/4/13. I'm pretty sure she's working on cutting her top two teeth now, as well, but I'm not positive. Lila was overall a good teether. I didn't even think she was teething until she stuck my finger into her mouth and I felt the little point of a tooth! After I felt the tooth, though, I realized why she'd been napping poorly for the previous few days.

Tiny gold jellies. Yes, please.
Lila started sitting up this month! She can now sit up for a few minutes at a time (or ten seconds at a time, depending on her mood!). She seems to enjoy sitting, but also isn't bothered by lying on the ground, either. She has started trying to pull herself to a sitting position when she's reclined in her tub, which is pretty cute to watch.

Love from Reed--Lila likes this more than the picture shows, she was in the process of rolling!
After realizing that Lila's pacifier was doing her more detriment during naps and bed than help, we decided to bite the bullet and wean her from her pacifier. She never uses it when she's awake, thankfully, but I was worried bed times were going to be a nightmare for a few days. I was wrong. The first night, she took about 45 minutes to get to sleep...and then SLEPT THROUGH THE NIGHT. For the first time, ever. The next day she took a little longer than usual to settle for naps (about 15 minutes instead of 5), but went right to bed at bedtime and slept through the night again! And by day three the pacifier loss was no longer an issue. Hallelujah! She went from waking up, inconsolable three or four times a night (one week of this nightmare was what led us to get rid of the pacifier in the first place) to sleeping all night long! And her naps are much longer, too. Score for self-soothing.

Just giving her London bear some love.
Lila still naps three times a day, for 1.5-2.5 hours each time. Her first waketime is 70 minutes, her second 90, her third 90, and her last 90-120 (depending on how her naps went). She goes to bed at 7 pm, wakes at 6 am to eat, then goes back to sleep until 8 am (usually because I get her out of bed then. She might sleep longer if I let her, but it really throws off our day!). I'm working on extending her nights to 7 am, then not putting her back down after she eats. We'll see how it goes.

This is mid-wrinkled nose sniffing. I love it.
Lila took rolling to the next level. She rolls with ease now, swaddled or unswaddled. And her new rolling prowess has allowed her to sleep on her tummy, which she apparently prefers! The minute I put her in her crib, she rolls right over. She looks pretty cute sleeping on her belly. When I lay her on the ground, she generally flips right over to her tummy, but now, instead of staying on her tummy (the way she used to), she'll grab what she wants, then roll to her back or side to play with it.

Helping with dinner.
Lila has fully entered the world of food! We did rice cereal for a few weeks, and I thought she just wasn't very good at eating. Then we added prunes to the mix. Lila was in heaven. She gobbled her food right down and wanted more! She still doesn't like rice cereal or oatmeal by itself, but if I mix the cereal with anything else she scarfs it in. So far, she's tried prunes, bananas, sweet potatoes, squash, avocado, and green beans. She's liked everything so far, but her favorite is definitely prunes.

I love this dress, and especially her in it.
I used to be able to put Lila in her highchair, then let her be content while I mixed up her baby food. Now, though, the minute she's in her high chair she wants to be fed! She starts complaining immediately and ges worked up pretty quickly unless I'm ready with food!

Made her way out of her wrap. Squinty eyes from the bright light!
Lila has started doing this cute little thing where she wrinkles up her nose and breathes in and out really quickly. She does it when she's excited or when she's on her way to mad (like when she's sitting in the highchair)--so it could lead to giggles or cries, you never know! I love it.

This girl sure gets a lot of love!
Lila has come to the grabbing phase. She thinks everything she can see was meant for her to grab. Nothing is safe, as she has a surprisingly long reach.
Everything about LJ in a swimsuit makes me happy.
Lila has always been ticklish under her chin, but I recently found her most ticklish spot of all: her ribs! If you tickle her under her ribs she just cracks up. It's so cute!
Especially her thighs.
Lila has started becoming even more mobile. She sometimes does backward scoots. When she's on her tummy, she reaches her arms as far as she can and kicks her legs like crazy trying to move (and doesn't budge). When she's very determined, she "planks" up on her hands and toes--but her feet are so close together she can't balance long! With her rolling and all her efforts at moving she is all over the place!
She's getting big enough for the cool toys!

We sure love our baby doll!

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Good day

Some days are extra good. Take this one, for example.

Ryan put the boys' picnic table back together last weekend (we had dissembled it during the move and never put it back together), so we thought it might be fun to have breakfast in the garage! We had a grand time with our picnic breakfast.

Since we were outside anyway, we decided to have a scooter wash. Reed saved up spare change for six months (no joke) and used the money he saved to buy the scooter in the middle (he saved a total of $50 and spent $35 on the scooter). Last weekend, we found the other two scooters for $5 each! They are almost identical to Reed's. We got one for Ashie and one for cousin Cole. After the scooter wash, the boys rode bikes and scooters outside until it got too hot.

Finally, we went to the park. Sadly, even with shades, the park equipment was too hot to play on. Luckily, the splash pad was the perfect temperature to play in. Lila and I were sitting on a blanket in the shade on the grass watching the boys play when suddenly the sprinklers turned on! We were soon soaked, as was our blanket and one of our towels. Luckily, the boys are small enough to share:

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Tahoe Top Ten {Hambly Family Reunion 2013}

We were able to take pictures while we were in Tahoe--we were greatly in need of an updated family photo! 
The last time Ryan's entire family was all together was at our wedding--seven years ago. Luckily, we were able to remedy that this summer. Ryan's parents rented a house in Lake Tahoe and everyone gathered for a week of crazy fun--hopefully the first "reunion" of many! I did not take pictures of the majority of the activities--I've found that with three little kids to keep track of, keeping track of the camera is just asking too, much apparently. But don't worry, I've probably over-shared on the activities I did take pictures of! Here are my top ten favorite things we did, in no particular order:

Kent and Ruth with all their grandkids
1. The Death March
One day we decided to go on a relatively easy hike--we did have fourteen kids with us, so anything too crazy wasn't going to work. The hike started out as a very flat, very beautiful winding trail through the forest. Then we came to a neighborhood, where we were directed to a waterfall--another "easy" trail. Soon we were going straight uphill, then winding across the side of mountain--while bushwhacking. Seriously, the plants had overgrown the trail and most of use were wearing shorts, so we spent our time either getting whacked in the face or scratched up on the legs. The kids were such troopers, though. Lila even slept the entire hike in her carrier. And luckily, Uncle Eric took Asher on his shoulders so Asher could rest his little legs. (There was one disconcerting moment where we thought Asher peed on Eric's neck. Luckily, that was not the case.) We finally made it to the waterfall, where Kevin had to swing basically every person across. We kept going and, after a few scary drop-offs, we made it to the end! I can't believe we survived, haha. I think everyone actually enjoyed themselves, though, and now we have a great new story to add to the arsenal. 

At the beach
This girl put up with missed naps, short naps, and being dragged on all kinds of adventures. And she was an angel. What a trooper!
2. Free "Babysitting"
One of the things Reed loves most in the world is playing with his cousins. So an entire week with all his Hambly cousins was like heaven for him. And, once Asher warmed up (it takes him a while), he had a great time, too. Consequently, we didn't see much of Reed or Asher during the times we were hanging out at the house. And Lila Jae? She was held by every single person multiple times, which she loved. It's a good thing I'm the one who feeds her or I might not have seen her during the week ;)

3. Waterfall Hike
One one of our first days in Tahoe we took what was actually an easy hike up to a beautiful waterfall. There was a bridge across the waterfall, which the boys thought was the best thing, ever, and all the kids got to spend some time splashing in the icy water.

4. Most Everyone Getting Sick 
I'm not sure if this classifies as a "favorite," but it was definitely memorable. Almost everyone in the family was visited by the flu during the week. And for whatever reason, the puking part of it always struck at night, and immediately, with essentially no time to make it to a toilet. One night, so many people were feeling sick and so many kids were sleeping with "just in case" buckets that we ran out of mixing bowls and had to send people to bed with pots and pans. Luckily (for me), Reed, Asher, and Lila were all spared. A few other people were lucky not to come down with the illness, but almost everyone got sick. Luckily, everyone was healthy for our last few days!

Pre-wind on the party barge.
Bike ride! I loved the little kids bikes that attached to the adult bikes. So cool.
5. Karaoke Night
One night, Steve set up his karaoke stuff (complete with microphones and Kent's amps) and we spent hours having a fantastic karaoke party. Seriously, it was amazing. I'm pretty sure my favorite performance of the night was Quinn singing "Party in the USA." That girl has some serious moves. The Kevin/Janelle combo on "Bust a Move" was also quite memorable, as was Kent singing "Little Red Riding Hood." Good times. The karaoke party might have been my favorite night spent at the cabin. 

6. Uncle Ryan May I
Ryan spent one afternoon playing "Uncle Ryan May I" with the kids. Their requests (and his responses) were pretty hilarious, and he (and they!) had a fantastic time.

Hello, my name is Asher, and I have a dirt-stache.

7. Story Time
Reed and Asher insisted on bringing one of our bags of library books. One afternoon, I was reading books to them and we were soon joined by Quinn and Maura and eventually by Greer, Zoe, and Declan, too. I read books to them for about an hour--entertaining requests to read several of the books twice--and really enjoyed spending some quiet time with all the kids. When Lila woke up, I was a little sad to stop reading, but, luckily, the kids easily talked Grandma into taking my place.

We had to fold them into seated position. They couldn't move in the life vests! At one point, Asher fell asleep huddled under a towel. When he woke up he said, "Daddy, I just want to get off this boat!"
8. Party Barges/Emerald Bay
One day, Eric and Kevin rented party barges and we all went out on the lake. For a while, the ride got a little crazy--it was a very windy day, and the wind off the water was freezing! Add to that the water splashing on us each time we hit a wave and no one really bringing cold weather gear on the boats, and we were all more than a little chilly! Honestly, it was pretty funny to look around and see everyone huddled under tiny towels, trying to sit as close together as possible for warmth! Kate had the hood of her sweater scrunched as small as it could, then used the strings to tie a know behind her head. She essentially had a porthole to look through. Anyway, we made it to Emerald Bay and suddenly it was beautiful. We tied to boats together and traded snacks, feeding a few ducks we ventured over to us. The view was gorgeous and we all enjoyed the break from the wind! We slowed down on the ride back, so the wind wasn't quite so punishing. The party barges were Reed's favorite thing we did--he still talks about how awesome they were. And Lila was again a champ and slept almost the entire time.
SO cold! I'm glad she slept most of the ride, it was easier to keep her under the blanket asleep than awake!
I thought this one was funny :) 
9. River Rafting
I had to skip out on the river rafting because Lila was too small to go. She spent the day catching up on sleep and I spent the day crocheting. Anyway, everyone pretty much agrees that the rafts were one of the best--and perhaps the best--parts of the trip. They all fit into a few rafts and got to float down the Truckee River. There were some rapids, but nothing major (though to listen to the kids, the raft was essentially going to capsize at ANY MINUTE). The water was reportedly freezing and the views amazing.

Peyton is always willing to pose for a picture.
The little boys with their dirt.
10. Bike Ride/Beach Day/Dirt
The day that Ryan and I were sick was the day the family rented bikes and rode to one of the lake's many beaches. Ryan and I drove to meet them, which was perfect because the boys had so much fun playing in the sand. Reed, Asher, and Calum seriously spent a full hour filling up empty water bottles with sand, dumping the water bottles in a big beach bucket, then dumping the bucket out. For a while Peyton was playing with them, organizing races to see who could fill their water bottles the fastest. Asher was so incredibly dirty at the end. He may or may not have eaten a lot of sand. But they had the best time.

The crew on their bikes!
A cool tree on the death march (before things got crazy)
11. First Night
I lied about the top ten thing. But this is something that cannot be left out. Our very first night in Tahoe we spent with everyone gathered together, telling stories that are an essential part of Hambly lore. Honestly, listening to Ryan and his siblings tell stories together is one of my favorite things--I grew up with three sisters and one brother, and a houseful of girls creates a much different set of stories than a houseful of boys! One thing I loved about the week, though, was creating new family stories. Instead of just having the stories from growing up, we now have stories as adults that everyone is a part of.

We had a fantastic time and I'm so glad we were able to go. Here's to another reunion in three years!

And now...even more pictures!

On the hike we found this amazing rock fireplace that was once part of...something.
Behind the fireplace we found the ruins of something else. A house?
LJ got to bathe in a full-sized tub for the first time. She was a big fan--until she tried to roll to her tummy.

Kamdyn is such a good sport--playing ring-around-the-rosies with the three little boys.

This is a ritz cracker encased in cheese whiz and 17-ish cheese balls. Ryan got dared to eat it. HE DID.