Thursday, July 25, 2013

Good day

Some days are extra good. Take this one, for example.

Ryan put the boys' picnic table back together last weekend (we had dissembled it during the move and never put it back together), so we thought it might be fun to have breakfast in the garage! We had a grand time with our picnic breakfast.

Since we were outside anyway, we decided to have a scooter wash. Reed saved up spare change for six months (no joke) and used the money he saved to buy the scooter in the middle (he saved a total of $50 and spent $35 on the scooter). Last weekend, we found the other two scooters for $5 each! They are almost identical to Reed's. We got one for Ashie and one for cousin Cole. After the scooter wash, the boys rode bikes and scooters outside until it got too hot.

Finally, we went to the park. Sadly, even with shades, the park equipment was too hot to play on. Luckily, the splash pad was the perfect temperature to play in. Lila and I were sitting on a blanket in the shade on the grass watching the boys play when suddenly the sprinklers turned on! We were soon soaked, as was our blanket and one of our towels. Luckily, the boys are small enough to share:

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Mandi Rolfe said...

Fun times Meg! Love the scooters. And I'm extremely impressed by Reed's money saving efforts. Good job Reed!