Sunday, July 28, 2013

The Monthly Asher: 33

We were eating dinner one night and Asher, who is a picky eater and tries to get out of eating things, told me, "I don't like the meat. It is too brown!"

When Asher is disappointed about something, he says, "Awwww nutsies!" I have no idea where he learned this phrase, but it sounds pretty funny coming from him.

Asher is really shy in new situations. If we're going somewhere new or if he knows a lot of kids are going to be around, he asks me to hold him or to carry him in. If I'm unavailable, he is sure to hold onto the stroller the entire time or to clutch my leg. He sometimes warms up, but it takes him a while.

Ashie got down by Lila and said, "Mommy, we are so cute! Take a picture of us!"

Asher has started to refer to himself and Reed as "the boys." Whenever he wants something--and he thinks Reed wants it, too--he'll ask, "Mommy, can the boys take their shoes off?" or "Mommy, can the boys have a gogurt?" If I answer "yes," he'll say, "Bubba! Mommy said the boys can take their shoes off!" Sometimes he will assume I'll say no before he even asks me for a favor, and he will say, "Mommy, why can the boys not have a treat?" I love it.

A new trick for Asher is buckling himself into his car seat! He has been able to buckle the top part of his belt for a while now, but just recently has figured out how to get the bottom buckles in, too. He's not very quick at buckling yet, but if Ryan or I try to help him he gets very upset--he can do it himself!

Crazy sword pants.
We always have "contests" to see who can squeeze the tightest for bedtime hugs. Asher has stepped his hugging up a notch lately, though. His new favorite thing to do is to knock me over when he hugs me. He pushes his little legs against the ground until we both topple. Every night he tells me, "Let's see if I can knock you over!!" 

Asher has learned to peddle his bike! He wasn't willing to try for a long time. Then he would peddle, but only going downhill. He would mostly walk Fred-Flinstone-style to make his bike go. But one day he decided to do it and just did! He can peddle all over the place now.

He's finally brave enough to get his face wet!
Asher has a habit of falling out of the bed. We recently put a pool "noodle" under his sheet to help block the edge. The day before the noodle was placed, though, Asher fell out of bed in the middle of the night and started crying. I went in to him and he said, (sobbing) "Maybe I should scoot over!" He always sleeps right on the edge and I'm always reminding him to scoot over so he doesn't fall, so I found him repeating my words to be pretty cute.

Ryan set up his drums in the office, which has renewed Asher's love for Reed's drums. Any time Ryan plays the drums, the boys run to their room to take turns on Reed's drums. Sometimes they play together--they each use one stick, Reed does the bass drum, and Asher does the high-hat. One day while Lila was napping, though, Asher started to play the drums (even though he knows he's not supposed to). Ryan went into the room and asked what Asher was doing. Asher told him, "I'm just playing the drums, Daddy!" He didn't even realize he was doing something wrong, apparently :)

These shorts? Size 6-9 months.
One day I was putting a dress on Lila. Asher pointed to her diaper cover and said, "There are Lila's yellow big boys!" (We call underwear "big boys") Then he pointed to her dress and said, "There is her thing with beautiful flowers!"

When Asher has to wait to talk (like if Reed is already telling me something), he often has a hard time remembering what he wanted to say. When he forgets, he starts crying and says, "I didn't know what I was saying!"

Hats and underwear. Totally normal.

If Asher has a belly ache, he'll tell us, "My bad tummy hurts!"

Lately Asher has been "interpreting" for Lila. He often tells me, "Dolly says, 'I want some baby rice!'" or "Dolly says, 'I am tired! I want a nap.'" He always uses a super high-pitched voice when telling me what Lila says.

Little cheeser.
One day we were talking about going on a hike and Asher said (in a monster growl), "I don't like rocks. Rocks hurt me!"

Sometimes, Asher tells me, "Mommy when you and Daddy get smaller, you can sit in seats like the boys." or "Mommy, when you get smaller, you can eat baby rice like Lila." Apparently, I'm growing younger while he's growing older :)

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Mandi Rolfe said...

Love that cute kid! Can't believe how much he's growing up! :)