Tuesday, August 27, 2013

The Monthly Lila: 7

On Reed's and Asher's seven month post, I posted a video of them cracking up. In both videos, I suctioned a cup to my face, let it fall off, suctioned....repeat. I tried the same thing with Lila and she didn't care at all! She was so bored she didn't even pay attention after a few tries. Girls. Anyway, I wanted a video of her laughing, too, so I settled for something that always gets her: tickles. Enjoy:

Is it just me, or does she suddenly look way more grown up!?
Here is the obligatory, "I can't believe she's so big and growing so fast and will she ever stop and oh my goodness where did my baby go" sentence. (But really, where did my baby go?)

Daddy + Lila
LJ is officially a proficient sitter--as in so proficient that I don't put pillows behind her any more, hooray. She doesn't fall over due to lack of balance anymore, which is great. She does fall over on occasion because she wants to. If she sees a toy out of reach, she kind of guides herself into sideways fall so she can get the toy. She has become so proficient at this move that she gives herself a very gentle landing.

Ready to swim!
Lila loves water. This love for water, coupled with her ability to sit and her recent growth spurt (making her too big for the baby tub) have led to baths in the big tub. Oh my, is she ever happy about taking a bath in the big tub. She splashes, squeals, and has an-all around fantastic time.

Always chewing on something.
Lila has become quite good at navigating and actually planning her rolls. She used to mainly roll to her tummy and stay there. Now she will roll tummy-back-tummy-etc. to move herself around to get to toys. She can also scoot in a complete circle (as in her tummy is her pivot point and she rotates 360*). She still sleeps on her belly, which is the cutest thing, ever. (Really.)

Super Doll
So far, Lila has not made any huge forays into the world of crawling--but she doesn't seem to mind yet. Is it just me, or do babies not crawl until they're mad that they can't crawl? Anyway, she has started reaching realllllly far when she's sitting up if she wants to grab a toy. This reach will often cause her little bum off the ground and, more often than not, will send her briefly onto her hands and knees and finally onto her belly. When she is on her belly, reaching for a toy, she tries to dig her toes into the ground to give herself some leverage, but doesn't usually move very far. I'm not pushing her to learn to crawl, because then I know I'm in for a world of craziness! We had a crawling friend over recently and I realized that thought I thought I was "mostly" baby-proofed, I'm nowhere near there. Soon :)

Daddy smooches are her fave.
Lila has started to babble actual consonants (rather than just squeals and coos). She says, "ma ma ma" (awwwwwwwwww. Yes, I know she's not saying "mama" but it's STILL cute.), "boof," and "buh buh buh." The boys are particularly excited about Lila saying, "buh buh" because they are sure she's saying Bubba on purpose--which is Asher's name for Reed. (Asher learned to say "buh buh" when he was trying to say "brother." He has called Reed "Bubba" ever since.)

When Lila is really excited, she squeals. OMGsh it's cute. She also kicks her legs and waves her arms. When I'm holding her on my hip and she's excited, she tries to kick her legs, but ends up just squeezing her legs together--so her body scoots up and down. It's kind of hilarious, and I smile every time she does it.

She's gotten pretty good at holding on to things.
LJ has four teeth (all on the bottom). I was so sure she was going to get her top two teeth first, but they still haven't come through, haha. She wears size 6-12 months clothes and size 2 diapers. She takes 3 naps a day (first nap about 2.5 hours, second 1.5 hours, and last 1 hour) and sleeps from 7 pm-7 am (usually). She eats rice cereal mixed with fruit or veggies 3 times a day and nurses 4-5 times a day for about 10 minutes each time. She has started to eat cheerios and bread and LOVES them. She finally figured out how to not only grab food, but then to get said food into her mouth, hooray.

Lila is the worst church napper. She is great in her bed, but outside of her bed she just refuses to sleep. At church, I generally fight her for 30-40 min to fall asleep--and she wakes up 15-20 minutes later. Last week I decided to just not try at all. She was fine the first almost two hours, then got grumpy--but as soon as I fed her she was all smiles again. Crazy girl. She is also pretty bad at sleeping in the car. At least she will sleep in her bed!

Lila is such a joy to be around and we are so grateful she is a part of our family!

One of my favorite dresses.

Thursday, August 22, 2013

The Monthly Asher: 34

Asher surprised me yesterday--I sent him into his room to put on underwear and to find clothes. He ran into me a few minutes later and yelled, "I PUT ON MY SHIRT ALL BY MYSELF!" And he totally had, with zero help! He was so proud of himself.

Asher loves the game Kerplunk. One day he was describing the game to me and told me, "It is very stick-y and marble-y."

One day Asher looked at me and said, "Mommy, your teeth are BIG!"

Asher was having some "tummy troubles" so we had him try some prune juice. He loved the prune juice and now, every time he goes to the bathroom and doesn't poop (whether he needs to or not), he says, "Maybe I need some crune juice! When I have crune juice I can poop!" He also seems to think that the prune juice/poop effect is instantaneous--like he needs to drink the juice while sitting on the potty.

I handed Asher a pair of white socks to put on and he said, "But Mommy I need some rockin' socks. Where are some rockin' socks for me?" Rockin' socks would mean patterned socks--he loves them. He will often come out of his room wearing a pair of rockin' socks on his feet and another pair on his hands!

On day Asher stubbed his toe and said, "I hurted my pig! I hurted my thumb toe!" Reed answered, "Which toe is your pointer toe?!" They both cracked up/

One day I asked Reed to carry a heavy stool for Ashie. Asher was super offended and yelled, "I can do it! I'm BIG!" 

Speaking of big...Asher always asks why he has to take a nap or go to bed. I've explained to him that his body needs to get rest so he can grow bigger. Now he likes to tell me, "Sleeps help me get bigger! Then I will be big like Bubba! On my birthday I will be four like Bubba!" (On his birthday he will actually be three--but he thinks his birthday is going to make him as big as Bubba.)

One night I told the boys I loved them "a million." Asher responded, "I love you a minion!" He loves the movie Despicable Me, so I'll take that as a compliment.

I put on sunglasses after I got in the car. Asher said, "Oooo mommy you look rockin!"

Woke up at 5:30 a.m. to Asher yelling, "Mom! MooooooooooM! MOOOOOOOM!" I went to check on him...
Me: What's the matter Ashie?
Asher: Remember that time I fell down the red stairs?
Me: Yeah?
(Silence) (And by the way, he tripped on ONE red step THREE days ago)
Me: Are you okay?
Asher: Nooooooooooooo
Me: Well that was a few days ago, right?
Asher: Yeah
Me: So you're probably okay now, right?
Asher: Yeah. (Rolls over to go back to sleep)

One day the boys could just not stop fighting. I heard Reed tell Asher, "I don't like you any more!" And Asher responded, "NO! LIKE ME!" 

Lately, though, Reed and Asher have been mostly playing very well together. I love watching them play. I especially love that they will go play in their room for a long time, then come out to show me their creations--lately, in addition to their usual k'nex creations, they've been building "clubhouses" on their bunk beds.

Asher has been saying, "Awwwww nutsies!" for a while now, but he recently added, "Awwww mansies!" to his repertoire. It's pretty funny.

Asher has been really concerned about his birthday lately. He keeps asking me if I'm going to be at his birthday and he uses a really worried voice. I think the real issue is that he doesn't like being in big groups of kids, and he thinks we're going to make him have a big party with all kinds of people (not sure where he got this idea!). I've explained to him that his birthday will just be our family and we can do whatever he wants, but he's still pretty worried about it. 

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Ball Pit

The ball pit. The. Ball. Pit. The ball pit was a gift Asher received for his first birthday. The boys love the ball pit, but it kind of takes up a lot of room so we don't pull it out too often. And, if we leave the ball pit blown up all the time, they totally stop playing with it--so we put it away, then pull it out a while later and it is a hit again.

Anyway, the ball pit got packed up way back in October when we were getting ready to sell our house. And packed it stayed until last week. The boys had been asking about the ball pit for a while and I honestly couldn't remember where exactly the ball pit was--which was kind of a problem, since we don't really have any boxes that are still packed. But Reed told me, "Mom, it's in our toy chest"--with more attitude than any four-year-old boy should have I might add--and there the ball pit was! The boys talked me into blowing the ball pit up. And I remembered why I hadn't unpacked it: the ball pit has no pump so I had to blow the entire thing up by myself

Waiting for me to blow the ball pit up tested the boys' patience sufficiently, and as soon as I was done the climbed in. Asher had trouble getting onto the slide, which I found kind of ironic, because he would climb up the slide and go down it fearlessly when he was one. Apparently he's gained a few inhibitions in the last two years! Reed thought it was pretty cool, but I think he's getting a little big for it. He and Asher did enjoy sending stuffed animals down the slide, though. And Lila? She loved it. Of course, she does love everything...

The left bumper has a leak so I didn't even bother blowing it up.

"Mommy, take a picture of big bear!"

"Mommy, take a picture of my stickers!"

Monday, August 19, 2013


When Reed was about six months old, I decided to make a "tag" blanket for him. He loved tags, loved to chew on things, and I wanted a simple project to ease me back into sewing (I hadn't touched a sewing machine in about four years). I made the blanket, enjoyed myself, and gave it to Reed. He was a little bit interested the first day, and would occasionally give the blanket attention after that, but was never really a big fan. I wasn't too disappointed--it really was a simple project--and eventually packed the blanket away when I packed all his receiving blankets.

Reed with the original tag blanket, June 2009.
After Asher was born, I pulled the tag blanket out of storage. And guess what? Asher fell in love with the tag blanket.As in the tag was the object he chose to cuddle with at bedtime. By about ten months old, he was completely hooked. And once he started talking, he called the blanket "b-ball." Not because it had basketballs, as you might guess, but because he called himself "bee" and the blanket had "balls." (Bee and ball were two of his approximately ten words.) So the blanket was "bee's" "ball." To this day, Ashie calls his blanket b-ball. And now b-ball has been loved so much he is quite faded and has a distinctly brown overcast that does not go away when washed. 

Asher with the taggie (christened b-ball as soon as Asher could talk), December 2011.

When Lila was born, Asher was very sweet and would occasionally share b-ball with her. But I knew that Asher wouldn't be giving up b-ball for Lila, nor did I want or expect him to. Ryan and I both love the size of b-ball--since it's a blanket Asher carries around, it's nice that b-ball isn't huge and always dragging on the ground. Honestly, the size thing was a happy coincidence--but I planned to intentionally make a small "lovey" blanket for Lila.

Lila with b-ball (and george), February 2013.
Last time I went to my mom's house, I went "shopping" in her basement and found all the supplies to make Lila her own tag blanket. Meet "pinky:"

Lila with "pinky," August 2013.
So far, Lila is a fan of pinky. She's in the love-of-tags phase, which helps--and she's used to playing with b-ball, and pinky, though quite different in color, is essentially the same as b-ball. Hopefully Lila will continue to love pinky as much as Asher loves b-ball. And hopefully Reed will eventually love something I make for him, too! (I do currently have a project underway that I have high hopes for...)

Reed, Asher, and Lila with pinky and b-ball, August, 2013.

Thursday, August 15, 2013

When You're the Best of Friends.

Our baby girl certainly has two big fans in her brother. I can't even begin to describe how sweet they are with her, but I'll try anyway.

Love. (Yep, only one button of that onesie is done up. Lazy) (Redness on Lila's face=irritation from drool/paci combo...picture from a few months ago)
Any time I come into the room holding Lila, Asher yells, "Dolly!" and immediately runs and grabs her foot (the only part of her he can touch).

If Lila starts fussing in the car, Asher says, "Bubba, Dolly needs a friend! Can you talk to Dolly?" (Reed's chair is between Asher's and Lila's).

When Lila is on the floor playing, Reed generally comes over to her and cuddles up with her for a minute or gives her a little hug.

In the car, Lila's bow often falls down over her eyes. If Reed notices, I hear him say something like, "Oh no, sweet Lila girl! Don't worry, I'll fix it for you. Was that the problem?"

When I tickle or play with Lila, the boys are immediately at my side joining in the game.

When I'm feeding Lila, Asher almost always spreads out his blankies on the ground for her to use when she's done eating. And if she's playing and he has b-ball (his tag blanket), he almost always goes and gives it to her even though it's his most loved possession.

In return, any time one of her brothers walks into the room, Lila locks her eyes onto him and smiles hugely. And if they come near her, she reaches out to grab onto them.

I'm so glad they love each other and hope it stays that way. 

Reed wanted to try letting Lila do tummy time on Reed's tummy.

Keeping Lila company in her chair.

Asher giving Lila a toy.
Every time Reed tried to kiss Lila, she moved so he ended up getting her ear or her hair. He was cracking up.

Blowing raspberries.