Thursday, August 1, 2013

A Very Happy Half-Birthday to Lila

Our baby doll had a half-birthday, shout hooray! Lila's first six months were possibly the fastest six months of my life to date. And because the first half-birthday is arguably the most important half-birthday, we decided to celebrate a little.

The boys and I made a pizza with a pepperoni "6" (for six months, in case you didn't pick up on that). I was a little disappointed with myself for forgetting to take a picture because, as we all know, if there is no picture, it didn't happen. But when I opened the pictures on my phone, guess what I found? Ryan, who knows me all too well, took a picture of the pizza before he cut it for us. That's love.

Asher told me this didn't look like a six. What does he know?
We also decided to decorate Lila's high chair with balloons. She was pretty excited about that decision. I let her play with them (supervised) for a few minutes, until she tried to start biting them. Then I took the balloons off her chair and let the boys throw them to entertain her.

Ashie kept picking up balloons as they fell

Girlfriend couldn't decide which balloon looked best, so kept turning back and forth.

We sang "Happy Half-Birthday" to our sweet girl and called it a night. Happy Half, Lila Jae!

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Mandi Rolfe said...! The pizza looks yummy. :) Happy "half"...Miss Lila Jae !