Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Anderson Dairy Tour (or the best day of Reed's life)

Another summer activity planned by our Relief Society was a tour of Anderson Dairy. Anderson Dairy is the oldest (and only, I think) operating dairy in Southern Nevada. I actually went on a tour of Anderson Dairy when I was in Elementary School--and I'm pretty sure the entire tour was exactly the same! The factory is set up to allow groups to come in and take a tour where they show the process of making and packaging many of their products. I've mentioned before that Reed's favorite TV show is How It's Made; so, as you can imagine, he was beyond excited to be in a real factory. He really loved watching the machine that took a flat rectangle of cardboard and folded the cardboard into a cylinder for ice cream; watching the cylinders fill up with ice cream; and watching the machine that filled the milk cartons. Asher's favorite part: the ice cream, of course.
Yes, I am the only one looking at the camera. And the other three look pretty annoyed. But I'll take what I can get.
Ice cream cartons wound through the hall above our heads and into this room. The machine in the picture is filling the cartons with ice cream. Yum!
Cartons traveled from a room we could see into on our left, through the tops of the hallways (right above us!) and down into rooms we could see on our right. Super cool!
Milk-filling machine.
Entranced Reed.
Asher was in such a good mood.
Both boys loved the cow!
Asher is nervous in large groups--he held the stroller basically the entire time.
The one time Asher was willing to let go of the stroller: ice cream time! Yum!
Thanks, Anderson Dairy!

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Nick, Lynnie, & Cole said...

I remember that tour! How fun that you got to take your kids. Oh, good times. I love that they (or Reed, at least) had fun. I also love love love their matching shirts. And Miss Lila Jae looked adorable as always. (I do have to say, though, that you looked the cutest in your group shot:))