Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Ball Pit

The ball pit. The. Ball. Pit. The ball pit was a gift Asher received for his first birthday. The boys love the ball pit, but it kind of takes up a lot of room so we don't pull it out too often. And, if we leave the ball pit blown up all the time, they totally stop playing with it--so we put it away, then pull it out a while later and it is a hit again.

Anyway, the ball pit got packed up way back in October when we were getting ready to sell our house. And packed it stayed until last week. The boys had been asking about the ball pit for a while and I honestly couldn't remember where exactly the ball pit was--which was kind of a problem, since we don't really have any boxes that are still packed. But Reed told me, "Mom, it's in our toy chest"--with more attitude than any four-year-old boy should have I might add--and there the ball pit was! The boys talked me into blowing the ball pit up. And I remembered why I hadn't unpacked it: the ball pit has no pump so I had to blow the entire thing up by myself

Waiting for me to blow the ball pit up tested the boys' patience sufficiently, and as soon as I was done the climbed in. Asher had trouble getting onto the slide, which I found kind of ironic, because he would climb up the slide and go down it fearlessly when he was one. Apparently he's gained a few inhibitions in the last two years! Reed thought it was pretty cool, but I think he's getting a little big for it. He and Asher did enjoy sending stuffed animals down the slide, though. And Lila? She loved it. Of course, she does love everything...

The left bumper has a leak so I didn't even bother blowing it up.

"Mommy, take a picture of big bear!"

"Mommy, take a picture of my stickers!"

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