Saturday, August 3, 2013

Fourth of July

I was looking through posts from Fourths of July past and realized that Reed has celebrated the Fourth of July in California every year of his life. How do you break a tradition like that? You don't. So, of course, we celebrated the Fourth of July in California this year, too. Honestly, we weren't planning on going to California--we'd traveled a lot lately and had recently been to California--but it was not just the Fourth; Peyton was going to be baptized, too, and you know we couldn't miss that. So after Ryan took a section of the CPA exam on Wednesday morning, we loaded the car and set out.

0/3 looking. Taking decent pictures of kids (mine at least) is impossible.
We spent the morning of the Fourth doing a little shopping and...I really don't remember what else. I'm sure it involved feeding someone--an activity that encompasses the majority of my day.

He insisted on doing the bubbles himself--I think he spilled at least half of that bottle.
After dinner, we went to this huge grassy field next the the church, where we met up with Ryan's cousins (per tradition) to eat a lot of yummy treats, blow bubbles, play, throw snappers/poppers, and watch the fireworks.

Zoe with Lila.
I didn't hold Lila for several hours as she was passed around to various family members. She was the center of everyone's attention.

Love these girls!
Ryan has a few friends in Simi that we see at fireworks every year, so we were happy to see them again and to enjoy our yearly catch-up chat.

Kamdyn and Lila were accidental twins! And check out Reed's photo bomb.
When it got a little darker, we brought out the glow sticks. Reed and Asher were in heaven.
Ashie getting his glow on.
We settled in to watch fireworks--but after only a few minutes and a few fireworks, we heard a loud explosion, then nothing. We soon found out that some fireworks had accidentally misfired, shooting shrapnel and debris into the crowd. Thankfully, though many were hurt, none of the injuries were life threatening. (Crazy video here, if you're interested.)

Reed was quite disappointed about the fireworks--he'd been so excited. But, thank goodness for Dish Network, we were able to watch the NYC fireworks on TV when we got back to the house.

They're all looking and smiling!
The Hambly Family 5K is pretty much inseparable from the Fourth of July. On the 5th of July, we enjoyed dinner, a motivational speaker, and a swim party at Shannon's house.

Reeder jumping in. Asher also "jumped" in--holding both of Ryan's hands the entire time. Baby steps.
And the next day, when I took zero pictures, we ran the 5K! We ran up a mountain (okay, a large hill), I might add. Ryan took the boys so I could "run" (ha) and I was impressed when I found out they hiked all the way to the top of the hill. Way to go, boys.

The day after the 5K we got to attend Peyton's baptism. She looked beautiful in her baptism dress, and we are so proud of her for choosing to get baptized. Sadly, I didn't take a picture of the baptism girl, but I did at least take a picture of this beauty:
My favorite dress, ever.
Fourth of July success.

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Mandi Rolfe said...

Sounds like fun! Even though your kids may not be looking, they look adorable in their patriotic clothing. IN LOVE with Lila's adorable dress!!!