Monday, August 12, 2013

Krispy Kreme Tour

Yet another activity planned by our ward was a tour of Krispy Kreme. Anyone can go into Krispy Kreme and watch the donuts move through the oil and down the conveyor belt--but not everyone gets a tour guide (I think) (but I could be wrong). Reed was even more entranced by the Krispy Kreme machines than by the Anderson Dairy machines--in part, I think, because the group was way smaller and he could hear the "tour guide" so much better. All the boys in our group were pretty little, so Reed was by far the most interested in the talking part of the tour. He stood right next to the tour guide and followed her around closely when she went to each different part of the conveyor belt. He was so pumped. 

After the process was explained, the boys were awarded with milk; twisty straws; and, of course, a donut. Asher chose chocolate--he always chooses chocolate everything--and Reed chose sprinkles. Their favorite parts of the tour? Reed liked the milk and donut. And Ashie liked the "flipper" that turned the donuts over halfway through their trip down the oil chute. A pretty good day, all in all.

Our crew of little boys checking out the donuts.
What are they looking at? No one knows. Side note: Ashie B really, really wanted to bring those k'nex. And true to his promise that he wouldn't lose them, he clutched them tightly the entire time until I made him put them down so they wouldn't get donut glaze all over. Impressive.
Reeder, the tour guide/employee's biggest fan!
Yummmm sprinkles.
Pretty pumped about his donut.
Sweet Dolly is always so good when we drag her along on activities!

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