Thursday, August 8, 2013

Our First Date in Six Months

Have I mentioned that for a solid 5 3/4 months Lila adamantly refused a bottle? She did. And it was no good. So at the beginning of July, Ryan and I decided that Lila was going to learn to take a bottle. Honestly, a large factor in our decision was a looming trip. For a Girls' Camp Fundraiser, the Young Women in our ward "sold" weekend stays at a small cabin in Parowan. (Great fundraiser, am I right?) We had purchased one such weekend at the end of July, deciding a weekend away would be the perfect way to celebrate our anniversary.

We love Lila, but we did not want to take her on our weekend away.

So we were diligent in our bottle feeding efforts. And I pumped every single night for a month solid to get enough extra milk to last Lila a full weekend without me. By the time our trip rolled around, Lila was a (quite reluctant) bottle eater--but we were confident she wouldn't be too crazy. We dropped the kids off to my parents (thanks!) and headed out to our weekend away. We got stuck in the gorge for awhile (dang construction), where our car's thermometer read 122*. No joke. When we got to Parowan, the thermometer read 58*! We were in heaven.

This guy? I love him.
Our first stop (of course) was Target. Ryan and I literally end every. single. date at Target. I'm not really sure why. But Target is certainly more pleasant without kids than with! After Target, we made our way up to Cedar City, where we made a quick drive-by at our old apartment, then ate at the most romantic dinner place, ever: a Chinese buffet. I know, right? After dinner, we made our way to the cabin, where we watched a movie and ate altogether too many treats.
Historic Parowan Cafe!

This is not where we stayed--but I loved the sign.
The next morning we slept in. Until 9:00 a.m.! Can you imagine? Pure bliss, I tell you. After a crazy-good breakfast at the Parowan Diner and some yard sale shopping, we decided to go check out Parowan Gap. Apparently, the Parowan Gap has one of the largest collections of petroglyphs in the world, and we'd never even heard of it! The gap also happens to be a "wind gap" which is also pretty rare. And we were impressed, as it turns out.
The gap is quite striking--even more so from a distance.
Don't worry, he's not touching petroglyphs--just places where people defaced the rock. Jerks.
"Zipper" petroglyph
Our next jaunt took us to Brian Head--but rain had started coming down and there was nothing too exciting there, so we continued to Cedar Breaks. Cedar Breaks is like a mini-Bryce Canyon. If you've never been to either, go, NOW. The landscape is so amazing and just different from anywhere else on earth, I think. 

I looked Dr. Waldram up online, but, sadly, could not find him.
We talked to a park ranger at Cedar Breaks who recommended we hike the Alpine Pond Loop. We're definitely direction followers, so we did what she said--and we weren't disappointed. The hike was extremely muddy--rain had been coming down all morning. In places, the mud made hiking...interesting. And slippery. The foliage was all soaking, of course, and in many places it crossed the path--so when we pushed past it, we got pretty wet, too. But, honestly, I didn't mind the water or the mud at all because the hike was so beautiful! Perhaps I liked being wet and cold because it has been quite a long time since I've been cold at all!

After our hike, we drove through the canyon down to Cedar. At one point, we saw a tunnel the river cut through; so of course we pulled over, climbed down the embankment, and explored the tunnel. Oh the things you can do without three little tagalongs! The tunnel was ridiculously cool and we were both happy we took the detour. We made it to Cedar to find a deluge of rain, but shopped a bit anyway, then went to the Depot Grille for our anniversary dinner. OMGsh. Good food was enjoyed by all--well except for the table next to us who complained about their filet for literally the entire time Ryan and I were at the restaurant. The chef even came to their table and they complained to him. They were ridiculous, but we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves anyway!

We had another night at the cabin, where we once again ate too many treats, but did enjoy a toast of Martinelli's. The next day we picked up the kids (who had a fantastic time with Grandma and Grandpa) and made it home in time for church. Our weekend away was fantastic, just the break we needed to recharge!

I love this place.

Beautiful hike.

The hike ended at this gorgeous pond. Totally worth the soaked and muddy shoes and pants!

We both looked like we had reverse-peed-our-pants. Oh well!

I couldn't get enough of the mountains!

See the crazy worm we found? And note how muddy our trail was!
We found Mary Anne! (Please tell me you've read that book!)

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