Saturday, August 10, 2013

Sick day(s)

My parents watched our kids while Ryan and I took an anniversary getaway in Parowan. When we dropped the kids off, we were pretty sure that Asher and Lila were both teething (weird, I know). The two babes were good during the weekend, thankfully, but Sunday afternoon Asher's fever started rising and he started developing some serious chest congestion. By Monday, Reed was sick, too. The boys have not had an illness that knocked them out quite so hard in a long time--they were both so sick and so very grumpy. Reed was feeling poorly enough that he took a nap (!) three days in a row. We spent a lot of time playing k'nex, followed by movies when they got too worn out, and an occasional breathing treatment for Reed. Thankfully, we made it out of the house (quite briefly) by Thursday afternoon because by then we were all quite stir crazy! 

K'nex make everything better.
We were trapped indoor for a lot of days in a row.
Poor sick boys.
Reeder always gets the worst end of the illnesses.
Just for fun (?): Reed during his first every breathing treatment (same mask!) circa April 2009.

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