Monday, August 19, 2013


When Reed was about six months old, I decided to make a "tag" blanket for him. He loved tags, loved to chew on things, and I wanted a simple project to ease me back into sewing (I hadn't touched a sewing machine in about four years). I made the blanket, enjoyed myself, and gave it to Reed. He was a little bit interested the first day, and would occasionally give the blanket attention after that, but was never really a big fan. I wasn't too disappointed--it really was a simple project--and eventually packed the blanket away when I packed all his receiving blankets.

Reed with the original tag blanket, June 2009.
After Asher was born, I pulled the tag blanket out of storage. And guess what? Asher fell in love with the tag blanket.As in the tag was the object he chose to cuddle with at bedtime. By about ten months old, he was completely hooked. And once he started talking, he called the blanket "b-ball." Not because it had basketballs, as you might guess, but because he called himself "bee" and the blanket had "balls." (Bee and ball were two of his approximately ten words.) So the blanket was "bee's" "ball." To this day, Ashie calls his blanket b-ball. And now b-ball has been loved so much he is quite faded and has a distinctly brown overcast that does not go away when washed. 

Asher with the taggie (christened b-ball as soon as Asher could talk), December 2011.

When Lila was born, Asher was very sweet and would occasionally share b-ball with her. But I knew that Asher wouldn't be giving up b-ball for Lila, nor did I want or expect him to. Ryan and I both love the size of b-ball--since it's a blanket Asher carries around, it's nice that b-ball isn't huge and always dragging on the ground. Honestly, the size thing was a happy coincidence--but I planned to intentionally make a small "lovey" blanket for Lila.

Lila with b-ball (and george), February 2013.
Last time I went to my mom's house, I went "shopping" in her basement and found all the supplies to make Lila her own tag blanket. Meet "pinky:"

Lila with "pinky," August 2013.
So far, Lila is a fan of pinky. She's in the love-of-tags phase, which helps--and she's used to playing with b-ball, and pinky, though quite different in color, is essentially the same as b-ball. Hopefully Lila will continue to love pinky as much as Asher loves b-ball. And hopefully Reed will eventually love something I make for him, too! (I do currently have a project underway that I have high hopes for...)

Reed, Asher, and Lila with pinky and b-ball, August, 2013.

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Nick, Lynnie, & Cole said...

I can't even tell you how adorable i think miss lila jae is. You're boys are too. I love them to pieces and their antics constantly crack me up. The little miss has stolen my heart though.