Thursday, August 22, 2013

The Monthly Asher: 34

Asher surprised me yesterday--I sent him into his room to put on underwear and to find clothes. He ran into me a few minutes later and yelled, "I PUT ON MY SHIRT ALL BY MYSELF!" And he totally had, with zero help! He was so proud of himself.

Asher loves the game Kerplunk. One day he was describing the game to me and told me, "It is very stick-y and marble-y."

One day Asher looked at me and said, "Mommy, your teeth are BIG!"

Asher was having some "tummy troubles" so we had him try some prune juice. He loved the prune juice and now, every time he goes to the bathroom and doesn't poop (whether he needs to or not), he says, "Maybe I need some crune juice! When I have crune juice I can poop!" He also seems to think that the prune juice/poop effect is instantaneous--like he needs to drink the juice while sitting on the potty.

I handed Asher a pair of white socks to put on and he said, "But Mommy I need some rockin' socks. Where are some rockin' socks for me?" Rockin' socks would mean patterned socks--he loves them. He will often come out of his room wearing a pair of rockin' socks on his feet and another pair on his hands!

On day Asher stubbed his toe and said, "I hurted my pig! I hurted my thumb toe!" Reed answered, "Which toe is your pointer toe?!" They both cracked up/

One day I asked Reed to carry a heavy stool for Ashie. Asher was super offended and yelled, "I can do it! I'm BIG!" 

Speaking of big...Asher always asks why he has to take a nap or go to bed. I've explained to him that his body needs to get rest so he can grow bigger. Now he likes to tell me, "Sleeps help me get bigger! Then I will be big like Bubba! On my birthday I will be four like Bubba!" (On his birthday he will actually be three--but he thinks his birthday is going to make him as big as Bubba.)

One night I told the boys I loved them "a million." Asher responded, "I love you a minion!" He loves the movie Despicable Me, so I'll take that as a compliment.

I put on sunglasses after I got in the car. Asher said, "Oooo mommy you look rockin!"

Woke up at 5:30 a.m. to Asher yelling, "Mom! MooooooooooM! MOOOOOOOM!" I went to check on him...
Me: What's the matter Ashie?
Asher: Remember that time I fell down the red stairs?
Me: Yeah?
(Silence) (And by the way, he tripped on ONE red step THREE days ago)
Me: Are you okay?
Asher: Nooooooooooooo
Me: Well that was a few days ago, right?
Asher: Yeah
Me: So you're probably okay now, right?
Asher: Yeah. (Rolls over to go back to sleep)

One day the boys could just not stop fighting. I heard Reed tell Asher, "I don't like you any more!" And Asher responded, "NO! LIKE ME!" 

Lately, though, Reed and Asher have been mostly playing very well together. I love watching them play. I especially love that they will go play in their room for a long time, then come out to show me their creations--lately, in addition to their usual k'nex creations, they've been building "clubhouses" on their bunk beds.

Asher has been saying, "Awwwww nutsies!" for a while now, but he recently added, "Awwww mansies!" to his repertoire. It's pretty funny.

Asher has been really concerned about his birthday lately. He keeps asking me if I'm going to be at his birthday and he uses a really worried voice. I think the real issue is that he doesn't like being in big groups of kids, and he thinks we're going to make him have a big party with all kinds of people (not sure where he got this idea!). I've explained to him that his birthday will just be our family and we can do whatever he wants, but he's still pretty worried about it. 

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Love that sweet boy! All the pics are precious. :)