Monday, August 5, 2013

The Monthly Reed: 66

Reed farted. I asked him if it was him and he said, "No that was you!" The same thing happened five minutes later. Silly boy.

These two.
Ryan took Reed to the store to buy a few treats for a movie night. When they had a few things in their cart, Reed said, "Daddy, this reminds me of the Berenstain Bears and Too Much Junk Food!" Ryan asked if they should put some stuff back and Reed said, "Well, just reminds me..."

We were making up 'super' names for each other and Reed decided Daddy should Super Pirate because pirates are really strong, just like Daddy is really strong.

Hipsters. Everyone needs a beanie in July in the desert.
Reed loves the TV show "How It's Made" and he and Ryan really enjoy watching episodes together. Now, any time he wonders how something is made, he says, "We should see if there's a 'How It's Made' of that!"

She loves this.
There is another "Reed" in Reed's primary class. I think having the same name led the two to be little buddies. I see them occasionally in the halls between classes and they are often holding hands, which is super cute. 

Lately, every time I take a picture of the boys, Reed bends down so his face is right next to Asher's.
Reed has become a great little story teller. The boys often request I make up stories to tell them in the car and now, after I finish telling a story, I ask Reed to tell a story and he does a great job! His stories usually involve an introduction of the characters followed by some kind of conflict; once the conflict is resolved, the story ends pretty quickly. He is quite creative in the stories he comes up with, though. 

Pretty cute with his missionary tag.
Reed really likes to pray but is quite unwilling to try praying on his own, without any whispered assistance. Recently, Ryan came up with a great idea. Before the prayer, we each say something we're grateful for. We use a whiteboard and draw simple pictures of these grateful items. Then we talk about people who might need blessings and again draw simple pictures. Reed then uses the pictures to remind him of things he can say in his prayer. After using this method for a few days, he decided to try without the board. We gave him ideas beforehand, then he prayed by himself! I'm so proud of him for trying--it's hard for him to take a leap (however small) and do something that makes him nervous.

He thought this was HILARIOUS.
Reed has historically hated getting water in his eyes SO much that he has been kind of a pansy at the splash pad. He's somehow gotten over the dreaded water-in-eyes-fear and now will go fave-first through water, hooray! He is a lot better about not complaining about water in his eyes in the shower, too.

What's he doing? Good question.
We started using a simple chore chart to get the boys to help with chores without whining like crazy (it has actually worked quite well!). One of the chores on the chart is to make your bed. Reed has started making his bed all by himself! He really loves to arrange his stuffed animals so they look "cute" and always covers them with his white soft blankie so they are cozy. He's such a sweetheart.

Splash pad fun.

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