Saturday, September 14, 2013

Date Night

Asher won a gift card  to Barnes & Noble from our library's summer reading program (woot woot!). A few weeks ago, I took him out on a date to use it! Ashie B gets very excited about dates, so he was quite pumped to go out.

First, we chose a book. Asher found his current book--Goodnight Gorilla--then clutched it tightly while we looked at other options (but really, there was no other option--he was sold on GG). Then, because he had a little extra on his gift card, he decided to pick out a Berenstain Bear book for Bubba. What a sweetheart!

After book shopping, we found the lego table and built a few cool structures. I think Asher enjoyed the legos more than the books :)

I spy, with my little eye...
Next we went (where else?) McDonald's. Asher was a little hesitant to try the slide alone (no Bubba to help him!) but eventually did go down the slide and had fun.

After McDonald's, we picked up a half gallon of ice cream to share with Daddy and Bubba to round out the night. I loved spending time with Ashie B!

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Nick, Lynnie, & Cole said...

so fun! I bet he absolutely loved having you all to himself. what a great idea.