Sunday, September 22, 2013

Ethel M Chocolate Factory

We're back for another installment of our ward's summer activity awesomeness. This is actually the final post, if you can believe it. Looking back: We did a Whole Foods Tour, an Anderson Dairy Tour, a Krispy Kreme Tour, a California Pizza Kitchen pizza making activity and tour, a trip to Pump it Up!, and a visit to Shark Reef (which I don't actually have pictures of--Asher was too young for the educational tour they did, so Reed went with friends). Our final summer activity: a tour of Ethel M Chocolate Factory.

Snickers and Candy Apples. Yummmmmm.
On the day we visited, they were making Snickers bars. BY HAND. I don't know if they actually make 100% of their Snickers bars by hand (I forgot to ask the guide), but at least some are. I know, right? In the picture above, the workers are using a huge spreader to spread the nougat down the entire length of that table. Yes, that giant table will all eventually be Snickers bars. *Yum*

The cool cooling tunnel.
In the next room, we saw the machine at the back slicing the Snickers bars (cool!) The machine at the front was making filed chocolates (like you buy in a box of chocolates). The filling machine was pretty awesome, and Reed was super impressed. He also thought the white tunnel was cool--literally. It's a cooling tunnel.

My favorite machine.
My favorite machine (if one can have a favorite machine) was the machine pictured above. It took the mold with the chocolates, flipped it, and kind of gently shook the chocolates out. You'll have to trust me when I tell you it was awesome to watch. After the chocolates were flipped out, workers hand packaged the chocolates into boxes. Seriously. And then came the best part of all: tasting. The lady at the tasting counter was so sweet and let us all have two instead of one! Nice.

The tour didn't take long, so after the tour we walked around the Botanical Cactus Gardens (that's a thing). And, of course, took a picture with every color of M&M. ("Ethel M" is stands for "Ethel Mars"--or Mars, Inc. the company that produces M&Ms.) Reed already misses the activities--he keeps asking, "But when will we go to more activities???" Next summer, Buddy.

Probably our most successful M&M picture.
A little bright maybe? Poor little eyes.
Can't forget green. 
The picture thing really was their idea, not mine. If it were my idea, they wouldn't even be attempting to smile.

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Brooke & Skyler said...

Tour through a chocolate factory sounds divine:) Pretty awesome tours you guys have been on lately. So fun!!