Thursday, September 12, 2013

His Very First First Day!

Reed has been waiting for preschool to start for a very, very long time. When the first day finally rolled around, he was beyond excited. He was even very willing to happily pose for first day of school pictures!

Ryan surprised Reed after his first day by picking Reed up from school and taking him out to lunch, just the two of them.  Reed loved school and thought his lunch date was pretty cool, too.

We didn't buy Reed a backpack for school, but then found out almost all the other kids had them. Reed was bummed, but such a good sport about not having one. So we decided to take him shopping to get a backpack of his own. He was so excited at the store. After he picked out his backpack, he asked me if he could wear it instead of putting it in the cart, then wore the backpack for the entire shopping trip. He even posed in the aisle so we could send a picture to Daddy. Then he asked me to take a picture from every angle!

Front view.
Reed told me he likes his backpack because it has "cool trucks and those candy corn things they put on the road." The candy corn things? Traffic cones, of course.

Back view.
Once we had the backpack, Reed wanted to know what we'd put in it. (Good question!) I let him pick out new pencils and a pencil pouch, then he added a box of crayons, "just in case." At home, we found his Cosmo Cougar folder and put it inside the backpack to keep papers safe.

Hey there!
So far, Reed loves his backpack and really loves his school. He's always excited to tell me what he did and to show me what he made. Three cheers for preschool!

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