Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Pump it Up!

Can you tell that I'm catching up? Yet another activity planned by our Relief Society was a trip to Pump it Up!, a local bounce house place. We had a bounce house like this in St. George that Reed LOVED, so he was super excited to try Pump it Up! (Exclamation point necessary!) And Pump it Up! didn't disappoint.

At first, Ashie was too nervous to even go down the smallest slide (which was pretty small). He climbed up the stairs, then froze at the top and started crying. I thought I was going to have to go save him, but luckily Reed came to the rescue. Together, we coaxed Asher down--and after that, Asher was completely fine on every slide, even the tallest slides!

Reed and Asher were so cute and played SO well together. It was amazing. Reed was also excited because his friend Reed (same name=best friends) came, too!

Blurry, yes. Awesome, yes.
I actually got to sit on the sidelines and have a conversation with other adults. Yes, that was amazing.
Conquered his fear!
A few videos of the action:

In this one, Ashie is the last kid to come sliding down:

Here the boys go down together:

And a giant group of kids go down together. The next time they tried this, I think everyone got hurt--so the moms quickly outlawed the ten-people-at-a-time idea:

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