Friday, September 20, 2013

That time we bought baby turtles in Chinatown.

Did I forget to mention that we own two baby turtles?
Dalmatian and Squidgee.
Dalmatian and Squidgee came home with us from Chinatown, during our Fourth of July trip to California. And, honestly, I was a little worried they weren't going to survive. They were totally an impulse purchase and I later found out that it's not exactly legal to sell red-eared slider turtles smaller than 4 inches across unless you're selling them for research or medicinal (?????) purposes. Our turtles are about 1.5 inches across (they fit easily in the boys' palms) and definitely have no intended research or medicinal use. But I am confident that they are much happier in the big tank we got for them than they were in their tiny tank in Chinatown. 

Anyway, it turns out that baby turtles are much more carnivorous than adult turtles. Who knew? (Not me.)

Squidgee's favorite spot is this corner of the tank. Dalmatian prefers the rocks.
Oh, and another side note? It took us forever to come up with names. I was pushing for Gru/Minion or George/Turtle with the Yellow Hat. But in the end, Reed choose Dalmatian (his turtle has black spots) and Asher chose Squidgee (who is a flying lump of play-dough on a show the boys like, of course).

Dalmatian giving us the eye.
Anyway. Back to the topic at hand: carnivorous turtles. We ventured to the pet store to buy crickets. And everyone with kids knows that the pet store is essentially a free amusement park for kids. It is THAT awesome. If you've never taken your kids to the pet store to "browse," you should definitely try it.

The boys had the best time looking at all the different animals. Their favorites were...everything, really. And I came home with a bag full of crickets. Yum.


i'm jackie. he's doug. said...

Ha! Turtle with the Yellow Hat! I love it.

Sometimes tiny illegal pets are the best. Enjoy!

Janssen said...

Can't tell you how many photos I have of Ella standing in front of a pet store display.