Wednesday, September 25, 2013

The Monthly Asher: 35

A is for...ASHER!
Both the boys are wary of ever missing a second of a TV show (I don't let them watch much, so TV time is precious, indeed), and always ask me to pause the show even if they are just walking across the room and will have a line of sight to the TV the entire time. Anyway, the other day, we were playing a board game and Asher asked, "Can you pause this so I can get a drink?"

Asher sadi, "Mom! We are reading books! Take a picture of our pigs!"
We've been working with Asher on saying, "You're welcome" when someone tells him thank you. He's a little confused, though, so if you tell him thank you he says, "I am welcome!" We've also been working on saying, "That's okay" or something similar when someone tells him sorry--usually he just says "sorry" right back to them!

This boy goes from 0-60 and back again.
The other day we were getting ready for nap time and Asher told me, "I am so not tired, Mom."

Almost every time we drive, Asher tells me, "Be careful so you don't crash into any cars!!!"
Blew up the air mattress and piled ALL his stuffed animals on top!
When we go into a store, Asher immediately asks me, "Is everything in this store really glass?" 

Ryan had to work late for a few weeks at tax extension time and missed bedtime a few nights. One night, Asher said, "It is happy when Daddy comes to our house for bed time. Does daddy have a house? Why is he at work is all the day?"

Showing off his dance moves.
Sometimes, when I'm really frustrated because I've stepped on a lego or another toy for the tenth time in a day, I tell the boys to put their "dang toys away." One day Asher asked me, "How come sometimes you call them our dang toys?" Oops.
We learned about letter Bb for school. Ashie loves playing with our magnetic pom poms!
Asher loves riding bikes with Reed and "racing" to the end of our cul-de-sac. One day, they raced, and I said, "Winner, winner chicken dinner!" when someone won. Asher thought that was hilarious and, now, anytime they race he says, "Let's have a winner winner chicken dinner race!!!!" 

More pom poms. It was his idea to make the really long line at the bottom of the 2 :)
Sometimes, Asher gets a little stuck on his bike and he'll turn around and say, "I need a little push here, mom!"

Helping out sister!
I try to use positive reinforcement when the boys ask for something nicely. Sometimes, though, I don't acknolwedge their awesomeness. If I don't, Asher will say, "I said please Mom!" (In a nice way.) Apparently he likes the recognition!

I just thought this one was funny :)
On Tuesdays and Thursdays, Reed goes to school for 2.5 hours. Lila naps during those 2.5 hours. I spend about an hour cleaning, then devote an hour-ish to Asher time. I let him choose what he wants to do, and it's always school! He thinks he's just as big as Bubba and wants to do school just like Bubba does. Asher catches on really quickly and really enjoys the school activities we do together.

If Lila is ever fussy in her highchair, Asher says, "Oh! I will feed her a chee-ro!" And immediately runs to her aid.

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