Wednesday, September 11, 2013

The Monthly Reed: 57

One day Reed was wearing a black shirt that has block numbers on it (like a jersey) and black shorts. He told me, "Hey mom, If I were a player guy I could be on the black team!"

Reed started singing to Lila, "I am a child of God, and sooooo my knees are gray!" Actual lyrics: "And so my needs are great." His knees really are kind of gray, though, from playing outside :)

Reed recently started school. On the second day, his teachers did "evaluations" to see how much each kid knew so the teachers could cater their teaching to the students. Reed and I have done "school" together, but honestly, it's been quite hit and miss since Lila was born. I know he knew all his letters at one point, but had no idea how much he remembered. I was quite impressed to find out that he identified all the letters except letter "I"--way to go Reed! His teacher told me, "He is the best! We just love him!" I do, too.

Reed thinks it's really cool that the word "red" is quite close to "Reed." Sometimes, when he writes his name, he decides to write "red" instead of "Reed"--which he thinks is hilarious.

Lila has started army crawling all over the place and, as a result, can often be found clutching or chewing on something that belongs to one of the boys. (They always seem surprised that she can find their toys when they leave them on the ground in the middle of the living room. Go figure.) Anyway, Reed told me, "Mom, I don't like Dolly crawling! She's just so hard to keep track of!"

Reed has a serious desire to understand how everything works. And, if I don't have the answer when he asks how something works, he makes up his own response. He also likes to hypothesize how things work, e.g. "Oh, I bet that when it gets to that twisty part it moves the lever so the other thing can go down." He impresses me.

Reed still loves k'nex, and the other day he came up with a new fun way to play with them. First, he made a k'nex structure. Then he put his structure onto a piece of paper and traced the structure. Finally, he colored the outline in according to the colors of the pieces of the original structure. He came up with this idea all by himself while he was doing quiet time!

Reed loves to show things to me that he finds awesome. He comes out of quiet time usually a few times to show me an awesome building he's made, a cool picture he found in a book, or a prize he's won on his game thing. He always says, "Isn't this cool, Mommy?"

The other day Ryan was assembling a drum (which is kind of an involved process) and asked the boys if they wanted to help them. They were game. The boys had the best time helping Ryan put together the drum--they screwed, unscrewed, matched up washers and screws, and helped Ryan tighten the drum with the drum key. When they were done, Ryan commented that he should have had them help build his other drums since they had such a good time. Poor Reed burst into tears: "You had other drums? You built them without me?" He was so bummed. Luckily, Ryan had another drum they could build together!

Reed is such a great helper. When I'm working on something, he almost always asks, "Is there something I can help with?" He has such a tender heart.

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