Friday, November 29, 2013


A few friends invited us to join a little preschool co-op they started at the beginning of November. Asher did NOT want to go. Reed and I spent the morning of Asher's first day talking about how awesome school would be and how he would be just like Bubba (always a good selling point) and how he would get to make a craft and have a snack, etc. We showed him pictures of all the little boys he would go to school with (four other three-year-old boys, they are all SO cute) and generally made it sound awesome.

We talked him into it. He decided, "Everyone will probably be excited about my new cool, cool delcros!" I'm sure they were.

And, as I knew he would, he LOVED it. And still loves it.

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

My Doll

I try very hard to not be one of those moms--you know, the moms who post ten pictures of their baby doing essentially the same thing with maybe a very slightly different facial expression?

Today I fail.

Because I just can't get enough of my Lila doll. And I do realize that these pictures are not of the best quality. Lila's room has the worst picture-taking light and the best sleeping lack-of-light. Also, she is capable of sitting up, but apparently didn't feel like bending at the waist, which I kind of love.

Monday, November 25, 2013


We were very excited to have visitors for General Conference weekend! Grandpa and Grandma Hambly came along with Steve and Janelle and their girls. We had a fantastic weekend. On Saturday, we enjoyed the beautiful weather with a picnic and lots of playing at our favorite park. Later that night, after Priesthood Session, we celebrated Ryan's birthday with his traditional cake. (It's seriously not Ryan's birthday unless we have that cake.) The kids had a lot of fun playing together. On Sunday, we enjoyed both sessions of conference interspersed with conference activities and playing. A fantastic weekend.

Lila with Grandpa at the park.

They're so riveted by conference.

The cake. 
Happy birthday Ryan!
I love how Peyton is always smiling at the camera, even when no one else is.
Just a little lunch picnic.
Watching conference--the boys made Ryan's shirt for his birthday.
Janelle and Lila.
Zoe and Lila.
About a month later, Grandma and Grandpa came back to bring us their old dishwasher--just in time, too. I hadn't realized ours was wearing out, but my goodness, the difference in our dishes after we replaced the dishwasher was ridiculous. I took exactly one picture, of course. Grandma played approximately 20 games with the boys while Daddy and Grandpa did the dishwasher stuff. She's such a good sport!

Saturday, November 23, 2013

All Things Halloween

The boys were SO excited about Halloween this year. Reed was a Wild Kratt, Asher was a monkey, and Lila was a penguin. Asher tried his costume on two weeks before and loved the costume so much that he put it on at least once daily until Halloween! Reed did not have that luxury because I made his costume this year and was not super speedy in finishing it. Happily, I did finish the main part of Reed's costume in time for our first Halloween activity: Haunted Harvest at the Springs Preserve

Yeah, the lighting is no good. But this picture is one of two I took, so I'm posting it anyway!
Haunted Harvest was a lot of fun. The boys' favorite part, I think, were the skeleton crafts they got to make and the "Mad Science" show we watched, but we also got to do a little trick-or-treating, go to a petting zoo, go through a mini-maze, and play a few carnival games.

As I was trying to get everyone dressed for Haunted Harvest, I realized that Lila's costume was MIA (luckily it was located in time for Halloween), so she wore her ladybug pajamas. She made a very cute ladybug.

On real Halloween, Lila wore the same penguin costume Reed and Asher both wore when they were little--but I wanted to girl it up a little. My mom made these cute tiny shoes and I made a matching bow to put in the penguin's hair. Yes, she did look super cute.

Halloween happened to fall on a preschool day and Reed's cute preschool teacher planned a Halloween party. Reed had the best time at the party and still daily recites a little Halloween poem they learned!

Later that day, we went to the haunted house at the library. We had visited the library just the day before for a spooky puppet show that was amazing, so I was kind of expecting a lot. I was a little disappointed by the haunted house, but the boys still had a good time. After the library, we headed straight to our ward trunk-or-treat, where Ryan met up with us. We monster-mouthed our car again--honestly, it turned out better last time. Still cool, though, I think.

In the craziness of getting everyone ready, I forgot my camera. I know. I did manage to take a decent picture of the kids with my phone, though. Lila did require a little bribery, but, well, you do what you have to do.

No one really got Ryan's costume, but I had to include it because I loved it. He's a high school football player who has decided to play at BYU.

And I'm awesome, so I wrote him a scholarship offer letter. And signed Bronco Mendenhall's name. Dedication is my middle name.

After trunk-or-treat (during which we got two full buckets of candy!) it was time to trick or treat! The boys were ridiculously cute and so excited. Ryan and I mostly watched from the curb with Lila (though we did accompany them to several doors, too), and got to see cuteness like this:

Miss Lila was such a good sport.

Especially once we took her hat off.

And, thankfully, I thought to stick the baby carrier in the stroller, so once she got fussy I just strapped her too me and she was once again happy as could be. Reed was very excited because we got to go trick-or-treating at his teacher's house (she is practically a rock star around here!). Ashie was excited because at one point Reed and Ryan went to a scary looking haunted house and while they were inside I let Ashie sneak a treat. And took a terrible but cute picture.

We ended the night with ridiculous amounts of candy--we didn't trick-or-treat for that long, but people were very, very generous. And, after a quick stop at Sonic for 50 cent corn dogs, we went home and Ryan and the boys promptly sorted the candy while I put Lila to bed.

I cam downstairs after putting Lila down and was shocked at the amount of candy on the table.

Then Ryan showed me the separate almost full bucket of only chocolate treats. What?!

And don't worry, Asher's mouth is full in every picture I took.


 We let each boy choose a treat and Reed chose (what else?) Nerns. Because his nickname Nern. And, as he said, there was only one box of Nerns and he wanted to be sure he was the one who ate it. Well played.
And that was our Halloween!

Thursday, November 21, 2013

The Monthly Asher: 37

Asher fells things passionately. I don't know if that even makes sense, but every emotion he feels seems to be multiplied by 100. If he's happy, he's the happiest boy ever. If he's mad, he's the maddest boy ever. He does not have a ton of in-between. Luckily, he's happy more often than he's mad--but when he is mad you'd better watch out! As a result, in almost every picture I have Asher is either crying or cracking up. Evidence:

Cracking up.
Asher has gotten on a "toot humor" kick lately. We were using the last of the honey and it made a tooting noise and he about died. He laughed for five minutes solid. Then, ten minutes later, he remembered how the honey had tooted and how funny it was and cracked up again. Two weeks later it was still hilarious. And if he toots? He is SO proud of how funny his toot is and makes sure to tell everyone that he tooted. It's a little bit out of control.

Ashie's current sleepmates: Blue soft, bee ball, monsters inc. guys (who cuddle inside his hat), monkey, and bee pillow.
Daddy helped Asher find a hiding spot for hide and seek. Asher was super pumped (ha) about it.
 More potty talk: one day I was helping Asher go potty at the park. As his pee hit the back of the toilet bowl, he said, "Mom! It's like a slide for the pee pee!" Totally.

Asher has been doing so much better with sleeping--he's not so worried at bedtimes like he used to be. We still do a special prayer, but I don't usually have to do his "what I should do if I'm scared" checklist anymore and he doesn't usually come out crying because he's nervous.


One day Reed was complaining about something and Asher told him, "Heavenly Father and Jesus don't want to hear your grumpy! They want to hear you nice!"

The boys have been on a knock-knock jokes kick lately. They have two favorites (Boo! Boo-who? Don't cry it's just a joke; atch, atch-who? Bless you!) they repeat over and over. They also like to make up jokes. Asher usually repeats one of Reed's joke or takes an existing joke and alters it a bit. His latest: "Knock Knock. Who's there? Bubba. Bubba who? Bubba Scrubba!" He is hilarious.

Asher told me his super hero name was "Super Ashie Bashie." Mine is "Super Mommy Tommy."

Asher still loves puzzles, k'nex, his matching games, doing school, and riding bikes. He still refers to himself and Reed almost exclusively as "the boys." He always remembers to pray for Sister Kay Kay.  We love him so much!

The Monthly Lila: 10

So I have approximately 74 pictures for this post. I'm only kind of kidding. At least she's cute!
She was so determined to figure this track out. She was also mid-cough.

Sweet victory.
This month started with Lila's worst sleep to date. Seriously, it was bad. She was sick right after her well-child appointment (ironically enough) and, once she got feeling better, her sleep went from awesome to horrible. She would play/cry/then scream for 20-30 minutes, then I'd go rock her, then she'd cry for another 20 minutes, finally fall asleep--and wake up 40 minutes later. It was a nightmare. I thought she needed less waketime, but that backfired horribly. I finally realized she needed more waketime and boosted her waketime from 2 hours to 2 hours 20 minutes. And, miracle of miracles, she started sleeping fantastically again. HALLELUJAH. Because she has to nap while Reed is at school, I try to ensure she's up by 7:15 on school days so she is ready for a nap right when we get home from dropping him off--otherwise she's still asleep when it's time to pick him up. She takes two naps during the day (2 hours for the first and about 1.5 for the second) and goes to bed at 7 p.m.

This girl is an lover of food.
Apparently she's also a lover of shoes. 
Surprisingly enough, I am still nursing Lila. After my experiences with the boys, I did not think I'd ever nurse a baby this long--but she's still going strong. I nurse her four times a day (when she wakes in the morning, after each nap, and at bedtime). After I nurse her, I feed her solids. We started the month doing mostly oatmeal cereal and purees with a little bit of finger foods. Now we are doing mostly finger foods and just a little bit of oatmeal (usually at breakfast). And does this girl love to eat! I have not yet found a food she doesn't like. She especially loves chicken and peas. And she is extremely impatient about her food. Once she is in her high chair, she expects food immediately--otherwise grab your earplugs!

Reed is constantly going up behind Lila and grabbing her in a hug. Sometimes he gets his legs around her, too, and tells me he's got her in the Cobra Clutchie.
Sometimes Asher joins the party.

And then this happens.
Lila has finally started real crawling! She has been capable for a long time but still preferred her bobbing drag and scoot. One day we were at a park that has the spongy ground and she did not like the texture, so she started crawling on her hands and knees. She hasn't looked back since.

Girlfriend loves to stand.
She doesn't fall asleep anywhere beside her bed. So on the random occasion she does, I have to document it.
Lila loves her brothers. If she and I are ever upstairs and they aren't with us, she immediately starts crawling toward their room, trying to find them! It is ridiculously cute. I think "buh buh" (one of her babbles) might sometimes mean "brother" or "Bubba" (Reed). So far, though, the only word I'm truly sure she uses is "mama."

Just crawling through a tunnel.
Out to dinner with Dad.
Lila appears to be following the boys' growth patterns. Size 9-12 pants fit her pretty well. Size 12 months pants are ridiculously long on her (she is only 10 months after all). But 9-12 months shirts? The sleeves are already too short on her. She is definitely into 12 months tops. She is still wearing size 2 diapers, mostly because they are a better deal and still fit on her without leaking! She could wear threes but we will stick with twos as long as we can!

Getting so good at balancing!
Hey there!
Lila hasn't had a new tooth for a while now, but it looks like she is about to get two more on the top! I can see them but not quite feel them. Hopefully they will get through soon, because they are giving her runny nose and grumpy grief!

Her first time crawling up the stairs!
Loves the tub!
Lila started crawling up the stairs this month! She showed zero interest in the stairs for a long time. She didn't even look at them. Then one day I was in the bathroom and came out to find her four steps up! I was so surprised. She turned around, so I made the boys run up the stairs above her to get her attention so I could take a picture. I'm a great mom :) Anyway, since her stair discovery the stairs are her favorite place to be. She likes to hang out on the bottom few steps. We've been trying to teach her to go down the stairs so we don't have to worry as much and she's made progress but doesn't really have the hang of it yet.

At Lila's nine-month well-child she was low on iron. I've started giving her iron drops and have started taking an iron supplement for myself, too. We will re-test at her 12-month well-child and hopefully her iron levels will be normal. If not, we will have to do further testing to see what the issue is.

Asleep in the car--shocking!

A few times, Lila has been up for a LONG time before we drop Reed off for school. If she wakes up for the day early, she kind of just has to deal with it--I can't put her for a nap before school or she will get a lame, super short nap. Usually she just stays awake and is pretty cool about it. But a few times she has fallen asleep in the car. She is SO cute! She won't stay asleep in her chair, but if I take her out and put her in her bed she will wake up but go right back to sleep. She is such a good baby!