Monday, November 11, 2013

Ashie Bee turns THREE!


We were lucky to be in St. George for Asher's third birthday, so we got to celebrate with lots of family! We started the day the perfect way: a quick trip to Zion. Ryan and I took the boys and their cousin Cole, who also happened to be in town, and my mom kept Lila for us, which was perfect.The little boys LOVE playing together and had the best time exploring.

At one point, we were waiting for the shuttle and the boys were playing in the dirt. They told me they were making "dirt waterfalls." Such a boy thing to do.

We had a picnic lunch while we were there, which the boys enjoyed immensely. The three of them are all pretty similar in size--especially when they're sitting. SO many people asked if they were triplets. And if I had a quarter for every time someone said something to the effect of, "Wow, you've got your hands full!" Well, I'd have a lot of quarters.

We were kind of surprised by how cold it was in the canyon. Luckily, we had three sweaters on hand. Cole wore Asher's, because he is a little smaller than Asher and Asher's was the smallest sweater. Asher wore Reed's sweater, and Reed rocked my sweater. They looked fantastic.

We decided to do a short hike because, well, they've all got short legs. We chose the lower emerald pools--one of my favorites.

We even saw a deer. AND a tarantula, which I did not take a picture of. Gross.

After Zion, Ryan and the boys and my mom and Mandi went to see Despicable Me 2, which was loved by all. Lynnie and I kept the little girls at home and prepped for the party. We made these little minion cupcakes, which, though not perfect, I was pretty proud of:

After the cupcakes, I feverishly finished crocheting a tiny Mike and Sulley (free pattern here) for Asher. Did I mention I started crocheting them on our drive to St. George? Not my best planning. Anyway, I finished just in time, and when the boys got back we had a par-tay.

Reed entertained with some sweet moves.

Then we played hot and cold with a banana (minions LOVE bananas)--that just so happened to look like a minion.

And finally we played pin the eye on the minion, which was awesome.

We had another game possibility (Gru May I), but Ashie was kind of (okay, super) grumpy from missing a nap and it being late that we went straight to presents. He cheered up immediately.

He got so many fun new toys and books. He was funny opening presents--he'd open one, glance at it long enough to say "Cool!," then immediately grab the next gift. At least he got through them quickly.

The best moment for me? Don't worry, I'll tell you. Asher loves beanies. LOVES them. He wears them around the house all the time, even when it's the middle of summer. So in addition to the Mike and Sulley, I crocheted a hat for Asher. Then I crocheted a tiny matching hat for his beloved Monkey, which he sleeps with every night. He squealed when he pulled out Mike and Sulley. Then he saw Monkey's feet and said, "My Monkey is in here. That's silly." Then he pulled Monkey out and saw the hat--which matched his hat--and the cuteness? It was too much.
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Another plus? He's actually worn the hat and now sleeps with Mike and Sulley in addition to Monkey. Mike and Sulley use Asher's hat as a bed.

After presents we sang happy birthday, ate cupcakes, and played Asher's new Jake and the Neverland Pirates Matching game.

I'd say it was a fantastic day.

Happy birthday, Ashie Bee!

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