Friday, November 1, 2013

Life as it is Now

I'm pretty sure this is the longest I've ever gone between a blog post. (Side note: after a statement like that, you know I had to dive into the archives to see if I were exaggerating. I wasn't. Anyway, whilst digging I came across this post about the time we accidentally threw away our BYU football season tickets. Worth a read.) Back to the matter at hand. I love to blog. I really do. And I love that I  have blogged--call me crazy, but I enjoy reading old posts and seeing what we were up to six years ago (also worth a read) (and here's another one for good measure). But lately? I've found that in trying to prioritize my time--and not always or often succeeding--my blog has fallen by the wayside. I plan to carve out some time to "catch up," but in case I don't, here is what the Hambly family is currently up to:

Ryan: Mr. Breadwinner is really enjoying his new firm. He has a great boss and coworkers (seriously, they don't even read this blog, so it's not like I'm exaggerating.) The office is small, so it's definitely a good thing that they all get along well. Ryan has learned a lot from his new job and still likes accounting (hooray). He is currently preparing to take the third section of the CPA exam--his test is next week and, if he passes, he will only have one section left to take! Between tax extension deadlines and now studying, his time has pretty much been occupied. The little time he has left goes to spending time with the kids and me. He and the boys just finished their first chapter book, ever (George's Marvelous Medicine by Roald Dahl) and have plans to read their way through a boxed set of eight Roald Dahl books we have. If Ryan has any time left after everything else, he tries to sneak in a minute or two on his drums or guitar.

Megan: I've realized that I don't really write a lot about myself on the blog (unless I'm writing a post about motherhood, which I kind of do a lot). So what am I up to? I spend a lot of time cooking, cleaning--the house and small people--feeding people, and all the usual stay-at-home mom business. In addition, I've been trying to get in the habit of writing in my journal and reading my scriptures during my one-hour-of-bliss in the middle of the day when Asher and Lila are napping and Reed is quiet-timing. This hour is amazing--usually just what I need to recharge for the rest of the day. On the days where I don't get this hour, I definitely am ready for bedtime a little earlier than usual. I learned to crochet right before Lila was born because I had gotten the idea in my head that she needed a hat to wear home and that hat would not be cute unless it was crocheted. By me. Even though I had zero crochet knowledge. Anyway, after a few-months-long hiatus during which I merely survived each day and kept the kids alive, I picked up my yarn again in early summer and have been enjoying my old-lady hobby ever since. I usually crochet at night while Ryan and I watch TV to relax before bed. I made a few things for Asher's and my sister's birthdays and have a list of things I'm working on for Reed's birthday and Christmas, so hopefully I will be able to finish them all. I have been on a new recipes and making most everything from scratch kick and am a lover of all things Our Best Bites. Seriously, every single recipe I've made from OBB has made it into my recipe binder, where I only keep recipes I want to make again. I've recently discovered Mel's Kitchen Cafe (I know, I'm behind the times) and am quickly becoming a huge Mel fan, as well. Some days I still feel overwhelmed by this being the nurturer and caregiver two three children under five business, but overall I'm doing well. I certainly wouldn't trade staying at home with anything else.

Reed: LOVES school. So much. He is one of the oldest in his preschool class--he only missed the Kindergarten deadline by two months--and catches on to things pretty quickly, which has given him a lot of self-confidence. He told me one day that some of the worksheets and things they do are "pretty easy" for him since he's "so big" but are pretty tricky for the littler kids. Oh, Reed. Hopefully he doesn't get too cocky. He loves his teachers. One of his teachers goes to church with us and he is always so excited to see her there. And when we went trick-or-treating at her house? Magic. Reed is very imaginative and often creates a game for himself and Asher--their favorites are castle and boat and their newest is cowboys. Their games usually involve creating some kind of structure/fort for themselves, then getting up to all kinds of hi-jinks inside. Reed loves Lila. If she's ever sitting on the ground and I'm not nearby, he'll call, "Mommy, look at us!" When I turn to see he's sitting behind her with his arms wrapped around her. What a sweetheart.

Asher: Turned three! I know, I can't believe it, either. He is pretty sure he's catching up to Reed since Reed is four--only one bigger than Asher. He's also excited to be the same age as two of his cousins. Lucky duck. Ashie is a lover of being comfy. When we get home from anywhere he immediately goes to his room and finds some "chillers" to wear (comfy clothes). His chillers are usually accompanied by a beanie, even when it's over 100 degrees outside. Asher loves to play with Reed and they usually get along pretty well--way better than they used to, for sure--but they still have their issues. When Reed is at school, Asher always wants to do school with me so he can be just like Bubba. He loves to feed Lila bites of anything and everything and is super vigilant about taking forbidden items from her when she gets them to her mouth (which is more often than it should be).

Lila: This girl keeps me on my toes. She pretty much thinks a second spent not standing is a second wasted. She pulls herself to stand on anything and everything. I'm just bracing myself for when she starts walking. We hit our best phase of sleep ever at the beginning of September when she transitioned to two naps. It was insane, in an awesome way. Her napping issues were suddenly gone, for the most part. She's had a cold this last week which has definitely disrupted her day time sleep (any change throws her for a loop), but it's getting back to normal now that she's feeling better. I've been slowly moving her sleep time preparing for Daylight Savings, too, so hopefully that won't be an issue. Lila is such a happy girl. She is currently a mama's girl, too, and spends her time following me or her brothers around the house.

So there you have it. It's so crazy to me that it was an entire year ago at this time when we accepted the job offer and were just getting ready to start showing our house--in just a few months we will hit our year mark of living here! And hopefully I'll find more time to update things around here...

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Mandi Rolfe said...

This post was so fun to read Meg! Sounds like you guys are doing absolutely wonderfully! I'm glad that the move has been so good for you guys. I ofcourse love ALL pics of your little ones! But the pic of Reed in this post is to die for...that smile!

Love ya :)